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Mulliner Limited Edition: Flying Spur Design Series

The Flying Spur Design Series is a striking Limited Edition by Mulliner – highlighting some of the car’s most important design lines, with bright accent colours.

Available across the entire Flying Spur range, this car has been created especially for those who appreciate the art of automotive design.

When Bentley designers first put pencil to paper, they draw lines that capture the spirit of the car, inside and out. The Flying Spur Design Series by Mulliner celebrates these interior and exterior design elements with arresting accents, taking the sleek aesthetics of the Bentley Flying Spur to new heights.



Eye-catching accents
Should you decide to commission one of these limited edition cars you will have the choice of five accent colours – Mandarin, Pillar Box Red, White, Kingfisher and Azure Purple. These shades were chosen specifically by the Mulliner design team to draw your eye to some of the Flying Spur’s most exquisite design details.

Bold on the outside
These bold accent colours are immediately apparent in the fine line of the lower exterior. On the sportier V8 S and W12 S, this embellishment also runs along one edge of the lower front grille – elegantly complementing your choice from the wide range of exterior paint colours.

Colourful on the inside
As you step into the car and close the door, you are surrounded by a ring of colour. Starting from the lower wings of the centre console, your chosen accent colour flows seamlessly into the doors. This burst of colour is further emphasised by the deep shine of the Piano Black finish on the centre console, that complements the Titanium-enriched Carbon Fibre fascia and waistrails. Final flourishes of the accent colour are found in the 12 o’clock stripe on the steering wheel and on the perforations of the fluted seat centres.

A name to be proud of
Delivering the attention to detail that Bentley’s in-house personal commissioning division is famous for, LED Welcome Lamps project the Mulliner name onto the ground when opening the door. The Mulliner name can also be seen in the accent-coloured glow of the illuminated treadplates.

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As part of this celebration of design, the Flying Spur Design Series features a new technical finish: Titanium-enriched Carbon Fibre, designed for a perfect combination of strength and resilience. Used exclusively in the aviation industry until now, it is featured to great effect on the fascias and waistrails. You will also find Mulliner quilting on the door panels and seat bolsters, with the Mulliner name proudly displayed on the passenger fascia.



This Limited Edition car has been created to showcase the countless capabilities of Mulliner – capabilities maximised when customers commission a completely unique car. For more information about this stunning example of Mulliner craft, please contact your local dealer. You can also see other instances of Mulliner Limited Edition cars here.