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Flying Spur By Mulliner

This limited edition Flying Spur is a celebration of Bentley’s Britishness. Hand built in Crewe, it features union-flag embroidery and an incredibly rare English Elm veneer. As you would expect, this exquisite car is also adorned with Mulliner accents – such as a unique colour split, Bentley badges set into the door veneer and Mulliner quilting in the doors and seat bolsters.

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The beauty of uniqueness

The latest imagining of the Flying Spur exterior is designed for those who appreciate every detail. It is made up of striking aspects, linked together with exquisitely flowing lines. This limited edition car uses Peacock Blue paintwork to frame the Bright Lower Front Grille – an element which adds width and elegance to the appearance of an already stunning car. That said, the effect would be equally powerful paired with any of the 100 colours available as standard from Bentley. The most eye-catching element of this rare exterior is surely the twin seven-spoke wheels – in gloss black with a polished face – they are the perfect foundation for this breath-taking car.

Flying_Spur_70Years_Mulliner Market_INT_Rear_1920x670.jpg

Surrounded by rarity

This interior showcases many of Mulliner’s finest features – including a bespoke colour split, refrigerated champagne cooler and embroidered union flag loose cushions. The highlight of this inimitable cabin, though, is undoubtedly the English Elm used for the cabin’s veneered surfaces. Once you take your place in any of the handcrafted leather seats, you will be enclosed in a band of wood so beautiful it featured in the works of renowned English artist, Constable. The Elm used here was taken from an extremely rare tree – one that was kept alive in the private estate of a British aristocrat, through a course of regular injections. Once the tree had fallen, naturally of course, it was sold – with all proceeds being used to reintroduce these wonderful trees to the UK and Europe. As such, it was an ideal choice to adorn and enhance this celebration of Bentley’s Britishness.

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