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Mulliner Secure Glazing Specification

Providing enhanced cabin security for your Bentayga, the Mulliner Secure Glazing Specification is the strongest and safest glazing offered by Bentley.

A busy life can take you everywhere and anywhere, which is why peace of mind is so important – and that’s exactly what the Mulliner Secure Glazing Specification brings to your Bentayga. Featuring additional protective laminate glass interlayers, Secure Glazing offers extra safety for you, your family and your belongings. So you can relax in confidence, wherever you might be.

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The stronger choice

Available in both standard and tinted privacy glass, the Mulliner Secure Glazing Specification is specially designed to strengthen the front side and rear side windows of your Bentayga. Able to withstand high impact and protect against cabin intrusion, it’s stronger than any other glazing option for Bentayga – and it has equivalent soundproofing properties.


Smart construction

To provide exceptional strength, two protective 0.38mm interlayers are bonded to the glass laminate structure with an advanced formula clear resin. The final glazing is just 5.52mm thick – and thanks to its construction, extremely lightweight.