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Mulliner Picnic Hamper


Bentayga, the world’s first genuine luxury SUV, was created to take exquisite luxury to places it has never been seen before.

The Linley Hamper by Mulliner, designed in collaboration with renowned British designer Linley, has been created to take the luxury picnic to those same places. Whether on snow-capped mountains, in a city-centre park or at the polo, Bentayga and Mulliner’s hamper means that wherever you go, you take the extraordinary Bentley lifestyle with you. Furnished with the finest examples of luxury crockery, cutlery and glassware, the Linley Hamper by Mulliner embraces the essence of Bentley’s luxury credentials – exquisite craftsmanship with incredible attention to detail. Consisting of three hand-trimmed compartments, all beautifully crafted as only Mulliner know how.*


*appearance and contents may vary from the images shown
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Crafted like a Bentayga

The Linley Hamper by Mulliner is secured into the Bentayga by using a custom-engineered tray docking mechanism. This mechanism allows all three compartments to be pulled forward to the edge of the tailgate, for effortless access and removal from the vehicle. The hamper can be utilised with or without Bentayga’s unique Event Seat option, providing a variety of ways to enjoy al fresco dining.

The exterior of all three compartments are hand-trimmed by Mulliner’s experienced craftsmen in Beluga hide. A choice of Camel, Hotspur, Linen, Magnolia, Beluga or New Market Tan can adorn the interior of your hamper.

To add that personal touch to an already unique motor car, Mulliner offers an embroidery service. A name, logo or family crest can be beautifully stitched into a specified section of the Hamper. Using Mulliner’s bespoke services, customers can also have the exterior and interior of their Hamper trimmed with different hide colours from the Bentley range.

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Ultra haute cuisine

The Linley Hamper by Mulliner is equipped for something more akin to fine dining. One of the compartments is equipped with the finest crockery and cutlery. Plates, cups and saucers are sourced from the Sublime Collection of Havilland, the renowned French porcelain maker. A modern collection that elegantly combines the radiance of white porcelain with delicate decoration. Four sets of award winning Alta Robbe and Berking silver cutlery are joined by a beautifully crafted chrome-finished Bentley Flying B bottle stopper to complete this exquisite set.

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A Champagne reception. Anywhere

Bentayga, capable of 672 miles on a single tank of fuel, is the go-anywhere Bentley. Mulliner’s hamper, with its illuminated cooling compartment, allows you to celebrate discovering many new landscapes in true Bentley style. The four Bentley crystal champagne flutes, beautifully designed by David Redman of London, stand alongside two bottles of champagne, both are kept perfectly chilled. The third hamper compartment, with space to stow additional items, contains a sumptuous Mulliner cashmere picnic rug – letting the Bentley experience spread elegantly beyond the confines of the car.