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New coolers and cabinet from Mulliner

Mulliner has a long tradition of offering bespoke commissions that cater to the highly individual lifestyles of Bentley owners. Which is why we are pleased to announce that Mulliner now offers four beautifully-appointed cooler and cabinet options, available on Mulsanne, Flying Spur and Bentayga. Indeed, there can be no more elegant way of watching the world go by as you and your travelling companions enjoy your favourite drink.

Your Bentley dealer can tell you more about these cooler and cabinet options for your car. 

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The refrigerated drinks cooler

This cooler is designed specifically to cater to our Mulsanne and Mulsanne Speed customers who prefer to enjoy non-alcoholic drinks while on the move. Handcrafted from frosted glass and solid chromed metal, you can take time out between destinations to quench your thirst and satiate your hunger. The cooler’s capacity has been carefully considered, with room for two one-litre bottles, a small confectionary tray and two exquisitely-made drinking glasses. These glasses have been specifically produced for Mulliner by David Redman of London, and are inspired by the five spoke design of the Mulsanne alloy wheels. When in use, the glasses can be placed in the bespoke bright chrome glass holders that deploy from the centre seat cushion. It adds the height of refinement to the height of refreshment.

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The Illuminated Cocktail Cabinet

This cabinet gives Mulsanne and Mulsanne Speed customers the refined pleasure and ultimate luxury of enjoying a sip of their favorite spirit while they travel. The cabinet is crafted by hand from solid wood, then elegantly veneered and trimmed for an incredible aesthetic. The elegantly illuminated interior means it can be easily accessed by day or night. A drawer quietly slides to reveal two bespoke crystal decanters. These, and the two hand-blown crystal glasses, have been designed for Mulliner by the exquisite glassmaker David Redman of London. They sit nested beside a Bentley-branded stainless steel hipflask. As one would expect from Mulliner, the interior trim can be matched to the hues of the car’s interior, with further personalised embroidery available. If you have chosen the Hidden Delight Mulliner specification, it can of course be matched to that, too.

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The refrigerated champagne cooler

After listening to the requirements of our Flying Spur customers – an essential element of how our team at Mulliner work – this superb refrigerated champagne cooler has now been made available. Built and finished by hand, using frosted glass and chromed solid metal, the cooler space has storage that can turn any journey into a celebration. As well as room for a bottle of fine champagne and a bottle stopper, there is also room for two bespoke champagne flutes. These flutes have been exclusively designed for Mulliner by David Redman of London. When in use, the beautiful glasses can be placed in the bespoke flute holders in the centre console armrest, so neither you nor your companion need ever spill a drop.

Bentley Bentayga with Mulliner bottle cooler in rear between seats | Bentley Motors


This cooler designed for Bentayga, Bentley’s luxury SUV, allows you to enjoy the perfect drink however far you venture from the road. Designed to be housed in the rear centre console of the car’s four-seat configuration, it consists of an LED backlit cooler cabinet which can store a bottle of champagne, wine or non-alcoholic refreshment, together with a chilling ring to keep the bottle cool once opened.

It comes complete with two hand-blown, hand-cut crystal flute glasses created using traditional techniques by the highly skilled artisans at Cumbria Crystal. Each flute has the word Mulliner engraved into a frosted ring near the top of the stem.

The glasses are designed to fit perfectly into the bespoke flute holders that sit either side of the chilling ring. When not in use, they can be safely stored in the cabinet.

For more information on how the Mulliner team can take the luxury experience to new levels, browse our Mulliner pages or speak to a Bentley dealer.