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The Limitless World of Mulliner

Mulliner creates some of the most innovatively conceived and painstakingly handcrafted features found on any Bentley – features that, in many cases, can be commissioned without a bespoke design process.

They include a sophisticated dark tint alternative to the polished ‘Flying B’ bonnet mascot available for the Bentley Mulsanne, as well as LED approach that lamps light up the ground near your car with the Bentley logo – or any other name or logo you care to choose. And Hidden Delights see brightly coloured leather linings applied to the interior stowage spaces of your car, inspired by the eye-catching silks used in Savile Row suits.

Find out more about how you can commission your own Bentley by contacting your local dealer. 

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The standard Mulsanne straight vane grille blends perfectly with the sharp lines of the car’s front end. But for those seeking something a little more individual, the Mulsanne Serenity Grille by Mulliner offers a striking alternative.

This unique design displays the intricate Mulliner Double Quilt pattern on both the upper and lower centre grilles, enhancing the Mulsanne’s already dramatic exterior. And by combining it with a quilt pattern on the seat inserts, you can add a satisfying sense of unity to your car’s design.

The Serenity Grille is offered in two finishes, Dark Tint and Bright Chrome, making your Mulsanne even more bespoke. Dark Tint is only available on the Mulsanne Speed whilst Bright Chrome is available on Mulsanne, Mulsanne Speed and Mulsanne EWB.

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Dark Tint Flying B

Since the earliest days of Bentley Motors Limited, the Flying ‘B’ Mascot has been a symbol of progression and performance. Over the years, it has led all Bentleys on their unique journeys with their extraordinary owners. Now globally recognised, this exquisite adornment has become synonymous with Bentley style.

The dark tint Flying ‘B’ adds presence and attitude, especially on a model such as the Mulsanne Speed. Here it will complement various aspects of the car, for instance, the dark tint matrix grille, the dark tint front and rear lamps and the dark tint wheel finish. In truth, the Dark Tint Flying ‘B’ will endow any chosen Bentley with a striking and contemporary aesthetic.

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LED Welcome Lamps

There are times when you could use a little extra illumination on entering or exiting your car – especially at glamourous off-road events. These LED Welcome Lamps are available on the Bentayga and now the new Continental GT.

The LED Welcome Lamps add both practicality and elegance to these situations. Activated only, by opening any of the Bentley doors, these lamps welcome you as you get into your vehicle. The lamps use an intricate lens system and a high-power LED beam to project the sharpest possible image of the Bentley logo onto the ground.

The crisp lines of this projection are guaranteed to generate interest when you are leaving or arriving at an event, while also helping you make a glamorous yet contemporary entrance, wherever you go.

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The luxury of Bentley needn’t stop the instant you arrive at your destination. LED Approach Lamps by Mulliner extend the experience to those moments when you approach or exit your vehicle. Available on the Flying Spur and Mulsanne models, the lamps are stowed discreetly in the wing mirror and are triggered instantly when unlocking the vehicle or opening the door.

They project the iconic Bentley Wings, or for the ultimate expression of personalisation an image of your choice, onto the ground in front of you, creating a well-lit area on even the darkest nights. An intricate 3-lens system projects the sharpest possible image, and the high-powered LED beam ensures every detail remains completely crisp. Because with Mulliner, even the things you can’t touch are perfectly crafted.


Hidden Delights

Like all true artisans, Mulliner draws inspiration from other masters of their craft. Hidden Delights, for example, is based on the exquisite interior linings found in many Savile Row suits. It adds a depth of sophistication and a sense of surprise to the interior of your Bentley. There is no greater pleasure than catching a glimpse of a striking accent colour, which had been lovingly adorned into the cabin’s usually unseen areas.

Inspiration has been drawn from around the globe, the natural world and even across time itself. From the luxurious gold of Tutankhamun to the mesmerising blue of a dragonfly’s shimmering carapace, there are five Hidden Delight colours to choose from. Each has been carefully considered, and created to complement the embroidery and stitching seen inside the Mulsanne, which is the only car in the world for which they are all available.