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An Illuminating Showroom

Bentley’s largest ever showroom, consisting of 75,000 sq ft, recently opened on Sheikh Zayed Road – one of the most prestigious addresses in Dubai. It is the first to feature a magnificent luminary façade, as well as a spectacular Aqua Graphic water curtain.

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A feast for the eyes

The most striking feature of the new showroom is the extraordinary luminary façade. Created from 160,000 LED lights, this eye-catching wall can display an almost limitless number of colours. The lighting can be altered to reflect the time of day, to replicate the exact colour of a particular car or to celebrate national and international events. It can also project stunning visuals (such as detailed images of Bentley veneers), stream video and host a range of spectacular illuminations.

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Pleasing Lines

The diamond pattern used across the façade is based on the exact proportions of Bentley’s classic quilted stitching design, while the plunging curves of the luminary wall are based on the elegant lines of the cars. The showroom was built in conjunction with Al Habtoor Motors, Bentley’s retail partner in the United Arab Emirates, and the Al Habtoor family are also behind a host of other iconic buildings in the region, including Dubai airport, the Burj Al Arab and the Yas Marina – all famed for their sweeping curves. Which means the Bentley showroom feels like a completely natural addition to Dubai’s breathtakingly varied skyline.

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Your Name in Water

The extraordinary experience continues when you step inside the showroom. You are greeted by the world’s first Aqua Graphic water curtain, which uses the very latest technology to sculpt water into any shape imaginable. The number plates of existing customers and friends of Bentley are automatically recognised as they approach, and when the visitor walks in they see their own name formed out of water, as if by magic. Adding perhaps the ultimate personal touch to their visit.

Once the visitor has passed the water curtain, there are three floors of Bentley cars to explore (not counting the two floors of underground parking), as well as a peaceful roof garden. Learn more about what you’ll find inside the Dubai showroom.