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Bentley and The Macallan


At Bentley, our commitment to craftsmanship extends far beyond the walls of the factory. It can be seen in everything we do – and that includes our selection of brand partners, such as renowned master whisky makers, The Macallan.

Our partnership began in 2021, seeking to create products and experiences that celebrate the shared values between our two brands – and the first prototype to emerge from this union is The Macallan Horizon. An expertly crafted, limited-edition single-malt whisky, presented in a breath-taking, innovative horizontal bottle, The Macallan Horizon encapsulates both brands' rich heritage and our shared vision of the future.

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The Macallan have spent almost 200 years creating incomparable single malts. Just like Bentley, they have built a global reputation on an unwavering commitment to hand craftsmanship.

The unique character of The Macallan’s spirit comes in large part from the casks in which it matures. Sourced, crafted, toasted and seasoned by The Macallan’s team, the hand-picked sherry seasoned oak casks contribute up to 80% of the final flavour and 100% of the spirits natural colour. It is all part of an approach that has made The Macallan a leader in the world of luxury Scotch whisky.


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When Bentley and The Macallan decided to collaborate on a whisky project, the goal was to create something never seen before in whisky bottle design, and something that would reflect the design ethos of both brands. The result is The Macallan Horizon, a vision of design with its ingenious glass bottle featuring a unique 180-degree ‘twist’ and no standing base, defying all that is traditional and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the whisky world. Encased in brushed aluminium, copper, leather and sleek curves of wood, the vessel features a diamond-cut lid inspired by the eye-catching Bentley headlights and upholstery.

The Macallan Horizon prototype, which will be available as a whisky product from summer 2023, fuses traditional craftsmanship with innovative materials and cutting-edge technology in its ground-breaking design.


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Six key materials used in its creation have been upcycled or repurposed, and each one is integral to The Macallan and Bentley Motors. The wood, for example, is recycled, and the glass is recyclable; the copper has been repurposed, including from copper stills, while the aluminium is recycled, including that recovered from the Bentley manufacturing process. Completing the picture is carbon neutral leather from local Scottish suppliers, Bridge of Weir Leather, which can also be seen in the recently unveiled Bentley Mulliner grand tourer.

A fitting vessel to contain a special single-malt whisky, it is the very embodiment of the innovation that is at the heart of the collaboration between Bentley Motors and The Macallan.

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Experience it for yourself

Experience the sustainability-driven values that our brands share by joining one of our partnership drives. There are two to choose from: 

Bentley Extraordinary Journey UK: from the Home of Bentley in Crewe to the Macallan Estate via breathtaking locations over 5 days. Read more here

Macallan Bentley driving experience: a 1.5 day experience starting at the Macallan with a tour of the distillery, followed by a chauffeur-driven guided tour of Speyside - in a Bentley of course. Read more here.  


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Crafted without compromise. Please savour The Macallan responsibly. Don’t drink and drive.