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Beyond100: Bentley's path to sustainability

Bentley is on an extraordinary journey into the future – a future in which sustainability will be paramount. We have made significant leaps forward, from concept cars featuring electric powertrains to subsequent launches of Bentley hybrid vehicles. In fact two Bentley models are already available with hybrid powertrains: the Flying Spur Hybrid and Bentayga Hybrid.

Bentley has also committed to building a new ‘Dream Factory’ in Crewe which will transform the companies operations. It will facilitate a fundamental reinvention of the Crewe manufacturing infrastructure, with the aspiration of becoming the future benchmark of luxury car manufacturing, incorporating unique customer and employee experiences. An investment which will be pivotal in Bentley’s journey towards being end to end carbon neutral by 2030.

The first Bentley electric car concept, the EXP 12 Speed 6e, was followed in 2019 by an altogether more ambitious vision of the future – the EXP 100 GT. Created to showcase the sustainable technologies that will define Bentley luxury in the years ahead, it represented a clear window into the future. By that stage, however, the era of the Bentley hybrid had already begun. Revealed in 2018, the Bentayga Hybrid was the world’s first luxury hybrid SUV – and customer response to its launch was so strong that it is now in its second generation. In 2021, it was joined by the Flying Spur Hybrid, representing the pinnacle of sustainable automotive luxury. Additionally Bentley has also committed to an ambitious Five in Five plan to deliver a new electric model every year starting in 2025.

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Emission-free cars represent just one strand of our vision. Because the way cars are actually built must change – and in this area, we are already leading the charge. The site on which the Bentley factory is located was certified carbon neutral in 2019. This reflects reductions in energy use resulting from the introduction of a record-breaking array of solar panels, among other sustainability-driven initiatives. It’s all part of a drive to ensure that Bentley becomes carbon-neutral end-to-end by 2030.

Bentley has already made enormous strides towards reinventing our historic Crewe site, and creating an industry-leading certified carbon neutral factory. This will be the basis of reducing Bentley’s carbon footprint across all products and non-factory operations, in line with Bentley’s commitment to be carbon neutral by 2030.

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