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Mulliner Special Finishes


Bentley Mulliner offers a range of stunning bespoke finishes including speciality veneers and precious metals, that can help you make your Bentley truly unique. They include materials that are unavailable on cars from any other manufacturer, from ancient stone and glittering 18-carat gold Organ Stops to pinstriped and painted veneers. In short, there is nothing quite like the opulence of a Bentley bespoke finish.

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Using an innovative laser-cutting technique, Mulliner can use stone formed over 200 million years ago to create panels of veneer just one-tenth of a millimetre thick – which means that although they are made from pure stone, they do not add meaningfully to the weight of the car. With a tactile, visible, ‘open-pore’ texture, they can be commissioned in any one of four different colours: Autumn, Copper, Galaxy or Terra Red. Mulliner’s bespoke Stone Veneers can be applied to the waistrails and the fascia panels on both the driver and passenger sides. For the remaining veneers, Piano Black is recommended, to ensure the natural beauty of the stone really stands out.

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Piano Black has long been a classic choice of veneer in luxury cars. With Mulliner’s bespoke Piano Veneers service, however, there is no longer any need to be limited to black. In fact, you can now match all of the interior veneered areas to any of the colours from Bentley’s Standard and Extended exterior paint ranges, as well as the Mulliner range of satin and pearlescent options. You can even commission a perfect match for any of your cabin’s hide colours. The result is a stunning colour-coordinated interior, the like of which would be impossible in a mass-produced car.

Personalised colour matching is available on request, allowing you to provide any colour sample to the Mulliner team, for replicating on the veneers of your car.

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Nothing injects your car with glamour quite like the gleam of real gold. Mulliner’s bespoke Gold Organ Stops add a flash of precious metal to the interior of your Bentley. Normally rendered in stainless steel, the air vent controls are replaced with new controls that are identical but for their gleaming 18-carat gold plating. Designed to evoke the heady days of the Bentley Boys as they dominated racetracks in the Roaring Twenties, Gold Organ Stops provide a touch of elegance to any Bentley cabin.

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Among the most visually striking bespoke finishes that can be added to your car are Pinstripe Veneers. Applied to the front, centre or rear console, they can be rendered in either a straight or chevron pattern, resulting in a choice of four options – Straight Grain Light, Straight Grain Dark, Chevron Light and Chevron Dark – any of which can be commissioned in either a high-gloss or open-pore finish. The effect is achieved either by painting black pinstripes onto light wood (for the light options) or painting everything black except for the pinstripes (for the dark options).

Highlighting the handcrafted nature of your car’s interior, these finishes bring to mind the craft of fine boatbuilding, providing a beautiful centrepiece for your Bentley, whichever option you choose.

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Mulliner also creates exclusive, limited edition collections of cars that demonstrate the effects that can be achieved with bespoke finishes and features. In 2021, the team created the Nauticis Collection, a yachting-inspired series of Continental GT V8 Convertibles with Mulliner features including custom exterior and interior colour schemes, high-gloss Piano Linen veneers and stunning Chevron Light Pinstripe Veneers on their centre consoles.

You can learn more about these cars – and Mulliner’s Regional Collections in general – by clicking 'Discover More'.