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Mulliner Exquisite Features


Bentley Mulliner offers a range of optional bespoke features that can take the finish of your car to new heights. From body-coloured paint on the wheels and exterior detailing to artisan fabrics that will elevate your cabin upholstery, they represent the next level of Mulliner’s bespoke craftsmanship. Not only do they offer a showcase of sustainability and innovation, but they give you a wonderful opportunity to make your car your own.

The options below are just examples from the full breadth of the Mulliner range. To learn more about the commissioning process, talk to your Bentley dealer today.

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Carbon fibre doesn’t have to mean black. Among the Mulliner bespoke features available when you commission your Bentley is a carbon fibre bodykit painted to match or complement the exterior of your car. You can choose any colour from the current exterior paint ranges, applied in a gloss or satin finish. Alternatively, you can take advantage of Mulliner’s colour matching service. All you need to do is provide a sample of the colour you require and then let the team do the rest.

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Tweed is a traditionally handcrafted, sustainable wool fabric that is famously tactile and warm to the touch. It can be used to add textural interest to your car’s cabin, perfectly complementing the smooth finish of the hides.

The Mulliner team has worked with a traditional British textile mill to produce a bespoke, natural Tweed, similar to a fabric you might encounter in a tailored suit. The collaboration has resulted in five striking patterns, each featuring exclusive yarn colours. The five options currently available are: Cheltenham, Tolsta Beach Glen Plaid, Charcoal Herringbone, Sand Herringbone and Damson.

The Mulliner team will be happy to advise you on the most effective combinations of hide colour and Tweed weave.

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For every Bentley, there is a range of stunning wheel designs and finishes available, with the imposing 22” 5 open-spoke Continental wheel representing one of the most striking. Yet as a bespoke exterior statement, nothing beats wheels that have been painted to match the exterior paintwork of your car. You can choose between a single-colour finish (which can be commissioned in your choice of solid, satin, pearlescent or metallic paint) or a duo-tone finish. Your wheels can be colour-matched to a Bentley exterior paint or interior hide, or a personal paint commission.

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Sumptuous Deep Pile Floor Mats add a sense of comfort and decadence to the cabin of your car, all the way down to your feet. They feature chrome Bentley ‘B’ retention caps to hold them securely in place in the footwells and they are edged with contrast micro-piping, which can be commissioned in colours from either the standard or extended hide range – a stunning display of Mulliner’s attention to detail.

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The Mulliner team periodically builds limited edition vehicles that bring together several of their most popular bespoke features and finishes. The Outdoor Pursuits Collection saw three different Bentayga specifications created, each reflecting a different countryside activity. Finished in Mulliner paints, they included wheels that combined diamond-turned faces with sections painted to match the bodywork. Inside, bespoke embroidery and veneer overlays depicted each outdoor activity, while the door inserts were upholstered in Sand Herringbone Tweed.

You can learn more about the vehicles created for the Outdoor Pursuits Collection – and Mulliner’s Regional Collections in general – by clicking 'Discover More'.