Colour Your Imagination


For many, choosing the colour of your car is a simple process, involving perhaps one or two choices. For the most discerning drivers, however, colour represents an opportunity to express your personality, be it a subtle demonstration or a bold statement. Bentley Mulliner has developed an enormous range of colours and finishes, covering almost every visible material and component of Bentley’s cars – on both the inside and the outside. As a result, you have an incredible opportunity to apply colour to your car in striking and creative ways – from the hides and the stitching right down to the carpets at your feet. To learn more, talk to your dealer today.

BESPOKE STITCHING 1920x670 2_ Section Image.jpg


Stitching may seem like a small detail – and it is. Yet its impact on the interior of your car can be nothing short of spectacular, which is why Mulliner has created a variety of contrast colour applications. Mulliner Bespoke Stitching allows you to choose from options that include Contrast Stitching, for example, which allows you to pair your hide colour with a different colour of thread. There is Contrast Hand Cross-Stitching, in which the stitching is applied by hand in a style that demonstrates more clearly the level of craftsmanship involved. And then there is the Seat Piping, which adds definition to the seat upholstery and can be applied in the colour of your choice.

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Arguably the most noticeable element in the cabin of any Bentley is the colour of the hides used to upholster the seats and many other parts of the interior. By commissioning Mulliner Bespoke Hides, you can explore a whole world of leather colours, far beyond the limits of Bentley’s generous standard hide range. You can choose from an extended range of hide colours and a further range exclusive to Mulliner for accents, including Cherry Blossom, Cyber Yellow, Mandarin, Magenta, White, Kingfisher, Light Blue and Pillar Box Red.

You can also create your own personalised colour scheme (the pattern to which the primary and secondary hide colours are deployed across the different parts of the cabin interior).

You can even opt for bespoke hide colours, which involve the Mulliner team creating a leather dye to perfectly match any colour sample you care to provide.

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Wherever you look in a Bentley cabin, there is the potential to push the boundaries of customisation, with assistance from the Bentley Mulliner team.

A prime example of this is Mulliner Bespoke Carpet Binding, which represents a subtle opportunity to add detail and depth to your interior colour scheme, by adding a flash of colour to the edging on the carpets in the footwells.

Available for the carpets in both the front and the rear of your car, this option provides you with access to a range of bold, eye-catching colours, each one selected by the Mulliner design team to complement the hide and carpet colours in the standard Bentley range.

LAMBSWOOL CARPETING 1920x670_ Sectoin Image.jpg


For increased comfort, the overmats your Bentley is equipped with as standard can be replaced by Deep-Pile Rugs made from the softest lambswool. Mulliner Bespoke Lambswool Carpets represent one more way to offer you and your travelling companions an even more luxurious in-car experience. In fact, they are so comfortable, some passengers may even wish to kick off their shoes during long journeys.

As with elements of the Bentley Mulliner Personalised Hide Service, the colour of the carpets can be matched to any sample or reference colour you provide, to reflect your personal taste perfectly.

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The Space Collection is a stunning selection of Mulliner-crafted Bentley Bentaygas, created in 2022 to celebrate the beauty of Florida’s famous Space Coast.

A wonderful example of Mulliner bespoke colour in practice, the limited-edition vehicles were built to a single specification, its colours and finishes chosen to evoke the grandeur of the cosmos and the energy of celestial bodies.

The cabins were upholstered in Beluga and Porpoise leather – the perfect backdrop against which to add bright orange accents, representing the heat and light emitted by comets’ tails as they blaze across the night sky.

To learn more about the Space Collection – and Mulliner’s work on other Regional Collections – please click 'Discover More'.