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Mulliner Regional Collections


Mulliner periodically creates special collections of Bentleys, each one representing a specific pastime or part of the world. Available in extremely limited numbers, they include cars from across the Bentley range, with some stunning recent examples highlighted below. To learn more, please contact your Bentley dealer.

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The Manhattan Skyline Collection is a Bentley Manhattan commission that offers a choice of exquisitely crafted cars, each one inspired by the lifestyle and culture of the city they love. Their specification includes numerous features created specifically by Bentley Mulliner designers and, like every Regional Collection, a wealth of bespoke, including carbon fibre bodykit with silver pinstripe and imposing 22” wheels. The cars feature Manhattan’s most famous archectural landmarks. For the interior the Silver accent continues on the seats, headrests and diamond stitching.

The collection comprises a Continental GT, a Flying Spur and a Bentayga, giving customers the opportunity to choose from sleek grand tourer, a spacious four-door sedan or a powerful SUV.

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Commissioned by Bentley Beverly Hills, this truly stunning collection of Continental GTC Speeds is crafted by Mulliner to reflect the vibrant character of Hollywood during the Fifties and Sixties. Taking inspiration from the architecture of the major studios of that era, the cars – already arguably the most glamorous grand tourers in the world – are painted in the pastel colours that characterised the studio buildings, with their wheels finished to match.

In any convertible, it is vital that the interior and exterior colour schemes work together, as the two become one when the car is driven with the top down. So the fascia and the waistrails are adorned with a matching pinstripe, its painted finish offering a marked difference to the chrome pinstripe available in production Bentleys. Stunning upholstery throughout the cabin comprises bespoke stitching, piping, overmats and binding, while gleaming chrome Mulliner fascia overlays complete the picture. With bespoke ‘One of Three’ treadplates and illuminated ‘Beverly Hills’ sill plates, every one of these incredible cars represents a rose-tinted look back at a golden age.


Created specifically for China, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Bentley’s presence the country, this numbered series of just 80 V8-powered cars evokes the different facets of London, the city in which Bentley was founded back in 1919.

Every car created across the four specifications – The Guard, The Carnaby, The Pall Mall and The Savile Row – is numbered ‘1 of 20’ to denote its exclusivity. ‘The Guard’ is a Continental GT that pays homage to the Royal Guards, while ‘The Carnaby’ is a Continental GTC that celebrates the dynamic spirit of Soho’s Carnaby Street. ‘The Pall Mall’ is a Flying Spur inspired by Her Majesty The Queen’s Bentley State Limousine and ‘The Savile Row’ is a Bentayga inspired by the famous London street’s tailors. Featuring bespoke badging inside and out, as well as stunning features such as gloss-painted veneers and Gold Organ Stops, each car stands as a stunning example of Mulliner’s unrivalled attention to detail.


At the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show in 2021, four striking, Mulliner-crafted Continental GT V8 Convertibles made their debut. Appropriately crafted to evoke the experience of sailing on the open sea, they feature Aegean Blue and Ghost White exterior paintwork – both colours selected from the Mulliner Bespoke paint range. The faces of their 22” wheels are finished in a combination of polished aluminium and Aegean Blue paint, to match the bodywork, while the carbon fibre front bumper splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser and boot lid spoiler are all painted to match.

Inside, the maritime theme gains further momentum, with a bespoke upholstery colour scheme combining Brunel, Linen and Portland leather with custom headrest embroidery, while the fascia and the waistrails are painted in high-gloss Piano Linen to match. Running down the middle of the cabin is the seafaring centrepiece: an open-pore, Chevron Light Pinstripe veneer, calling to mind the characteristic woodwork of a handcrafted luxury yacht.


Sometimes, Regional Collections are created around the pastimes enjoyed by Bentley drivers. The Outdoor Pursuits Collection is one such example, comprising three very different Bentayga specifications that share a common theme.

The cabins of all three models feature bespoke embroidery and stunning chrome veneer overlays depicting fly fishing, equestrian or canine activities. The main veneer sections are crafted from Liquid Amber, a straight grain wood adorned with a boxwood inlay, to contrast with the Dark Fiddleback Eucalyptus used on the fascias and waistrails. The grab handles, the insides of the doors and the pockets on the backs of the seats have all been upholstered with Sand Herringbone Tweed.

Each of the three specifications features either Havana, Cumbrian Green or Magnetic as its exterior colour, with a bespoke 22” ten spoke wheel with a finish combining diamond-turned faces and paint that matches the bodywork. As a final flourish, each vehicle comes with a bespoke hunter flask, bound in leather that matches the cabin upholstery.


Commissioned by Bentley Orlando in 2022, the Space Collection is an extremely limited run of Bentley Mulliner-crafted Bentayga Speeds inspired by the Space Coast in Florida – home to the famous Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral.

The Cypress exterior paintwork is paired with the gloss black exterior detailing of the Blackline Specification – however the darkness is pierced by Orange Flame accents to the gloss carbon fibre, evoking comet trails racing across the night sky.

As you step over the bespoke illuminated treadplates, you will enter a cabin encircled by stunning Galaxy Stone veneers – real stone, laser-cut to just 1.5 mm in thickness. The upholstery is a rich, dark combination of Beluga and Porpoise hides, while the entire cabin features searing orange accents, the most prominent of which can be seen on the steering wheel and the gear lever. Unique satin black grilles conceal the speakers of the Naim for Bentley sound system, their Naim badges glowing like stars in the night .

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