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Personal Commissioning

By inviting Mulliner to work on your behalf on the specification and finish of your Bentley, you are creating more than a customised car – you are creating a deeply personal statement that will grace every day of your life. And the process of personalising your car can be as pleasing and effortless as driving the finished vehicle itself. 

Mulliner creates some of the most innovatively conceived and painstakingly handcrafted features found on any Bentley – features that can be commissioned through your retailer and the Personal Commissioning Guide. 

To Personal Commissioning your car is one of the highlights of creating a new Bentley. It gives you even more choice over the huge selection available within the mainstream. The Personal Commissioning Guide contains more colours, features and handcrafted details to further enhance any Bentley and help you realise your dream car. Using the Personal Commissioning Guide takes the lid of the creative juices.

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special finishes


Three-Dimensional Wood

Bentley’s new Three-Dimensional Wood rear door trim is a ground-breaking option for the all-new Flying Spur. Three-Dimensional Wood is a world-first for the automotive sector – a striking, diamond-shaped pattern enhanced with a three-dimensional surface finish machined directly into the wood.

The new option is one of the unique veneer choices from the Bentley Mulliner ‘Collections’ and forms a contemporary luxury design statement, bringing tactility to the natural beauty of wood. Each rear door and quarter panel is handcrafted from a single block of sustainable American Walnut or American Cherry timber, in a harmonious marriage of traditional skills and modern technology.

The distinctive feature was inspired by the form of leather used for the diamond-quilted areas in Bentley’s Mulliner Driving Specification interior suite. Three-Dimensional Wood required 18 months of production development by expert technical craftsmen before Bentley Mulliner could then bring the complex concept to reality.

The Three-Dimensional Wood parts are not made using veneers, as is typically applied to the fascia and waist rails. Instead, each is created from a single block of timber. To achieve the three-dimensional surface, skilled operators carve the wood with a multi-axis routing machine to a tolerance of 0.1mm, less than the thickness of a human hair, hand-finishing the cuts for perfect results. An open-pore lacquer is then applied, allowing the true colour and texture of the wood to shine through for a refined, natural appearance.

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The veneers that adorn Bentley motor cars are famous the world over, yet some of our customers demand an even more personal commission. To meet their highest expectations, Mulliner is now preparing the next level of modern British automotive luxury – Stone Veneers. These truly one-of-a-kind panels are a fusion of century-old craftsmanship and cutting-edge technologies that didn’t even exist a few years ago. The result is variations in colour, pattern and texture which are almost impossible to imitate. Exactly the kind of material Mulliner looks for to ensure their offering remains as unique as the remarkable cars they deliver.

It takes years to develop the hides, which are used in every Bentley that leaves the factory at Crewe. And centuries to grow the wood used for their immaculate fascias. But, for the stone selected for the new veneers, we’ve had to go much further back – 200 million years, in fact. Clay deposits, crystallised by the weight of unimaginable forces over countless years, obtain a new foliated structure, known as slate or quartzite slate. It is this substance, ethically and sustainably sourced from India in light grey, natural red, black, and copper that forms the raw material for the new stone veneers.

The carefully selected panels are delivered to Mulliner, where aesthetic sophistication, precision and innovation are added to the forces of pressure, heat and time which, over millions of years, originally created the stone. Thus, giving this prehistoric material a modern and technological finish. The rock is cut into sheets of less than a millimetre and a special backing is applied. Extraordinary technology developed for this specific feature, further carves areas of the stone to a thickness of less than a hundredth of a millimetre, allowing Mulliner craftsmen to thermo-form the layers multi-directionally, shaping the veneers to perfectly clad every curve and contour of the Bentley chosen to wear them.

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Our Piano veneer finish is now available through Mulliner on Flying Spur, Bentayga and Continental GT. It offers a cool, contemporary finish that sits beautifully alongside our wide range of interior hide options.

Bentley’s master craftspeople carefully select the veneers, mirror match them and fix them to a substrate. The veneer is then hand sanded to a perfectly smooth finish before it is painted. Once dry, the veneer is polished with lamb’s wool to achieve a mirror-like finish.

Your Painted Veneer can be colour matched to your Bentley's exterior paint – Bentley Standard, Extended, Mulliner Paints - or, alternatively, match to your interior hide colour.

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exquisite features



Create something truly extraordinary with the option to commission an exterior colour unlike any other. Colour is a powerful language, which is why it’s so important that your choices should be in tune with your personality. Not only can it evoke emotion, affect your mood or transport you back in time – it also says a lot about the person you are, and how you see the world.

Every Bentley produced is a piece of art; every owner an artist. To create something completely one of a kind, simply contact your Bentley dealer who will work with you and our Mulliner team to bring your vision to life. With a world bursting with inspiration at your fingertips, only your imagination is the limit.

Beyond the standard palette of Bentley paints, Mulliner have carefully curated their own exquisite range. Channel your curiosity and creativity through exceptional paint finishes - available in solid, metallic, satin and pearlescent options or dynamic duo-tones - to enhance the vehicle’s flowing lines and accentuate its presence on the road.

Visit the Bentley Configurator to see how Mulliner colours and finishes can bring your personal Bentley to life.

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personalised hide colour

With Mulliner, almost any visible feature of your Bentley can be finished in a personalised colour – even the hand-stitched leather hides used to upholster the cabin interior.

And it doesn’t stop there. The embroidery, the carpets and the exterior paintwork can also be colour-matched to a sample you provide. Whether it’s a favourite suit, a favourite lipstick or the coat of your favourite racehorse, our experts can recreate any shade you specify and reproduce it anywhere in your car.

Your new colour can be combined with any existing hue from the Bentley range or, if you prefer, you can use it throughout, to the exclusion of all others.



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personalised embroidery

Through our artisan craftsmanship and designers, we give customers the opportunity to incorporate their name, signature, logo or unique design into the seating of their Bentley. Using the finest woven threads enables us to produce the most exquisite detail, that give the customers the ultimate expression of personality, and provide the opportunity to make their Bentley truly unique.

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