Continental GT Le Mans Collection

The Continental GT Le Mans Collection is a series of specially designed and luxuriously crafted coupes, with fewer than 50 cars created. The collection represents a stunning example of Mulliner craftsmanship – one inspired by a truly glorious episode in the Bentley story.

The event in question was Bentley’s famous victory at the 24 Heures Du Mans endurance race in 2003. It was there, at the legendary Circuit de la Sarthe in Le Mans, France, that Bentley’s Speed 8 race cars secured an incredible first and second place.

The Le Mans Collection relives this moment, while also representing the enduring spirit of the Bentley brand. Consider it a fitting tribute to Bentley’s long racetrack history.


Inspired by Racing History

The 24 Heures du Mans endurance race – better known to many as simply ‘Le Mans’ – has long held a special significance for Bentley. It was there that Bentley first established itself as a giant of European motorsport. In fact, in the years before the company ceased to compete in the 1930s, Bentley won more Le Mans races than any other marque.

Decades later, in the early years of the 21st Century, Bentley staged a glorious return. In 2003, the brand secured a stunning victory, with its two Speed 8 cars taking first and second place. Bentley’s sixth Le Mans victory was sealed.

Today, the Bentley Speed 8 remains an iconic Bentley race car – the vehicle that kicked off a new century for the Flying ‘B’, putting the brand back on the Le Mans podium.

From the Roaring Twenties, when the Bentley Boys and Girls ruled the racetracks of Europe, to the modern motorsport era, Bentley has occupied a unique place in the Le Mans legend. A place celebrated in luxurious style with the creation of the Le Mans Collection.


The Pinnacle of Bentley Performance

Based on the Continental GT Speed, the cars in the Le Mans Collection represent the ultimate in Bentley performance. They are powered by the latest iteration of Bentley’s legendary 6.0 litre, twin-turbocharged W12 engine, the most successful 12-cylinder engine in history. But the engine is only part of the story. The cars also showcase the very latest in Bentley’s chassis technology. That means they are equipped with active all-wheel drive, an 8-speed, dual-clutch gearbox, all-wheel steering, and torque vectoring by both brake and electronic limited-slip differential (eLSD) – for total control, even when the car is pushed to the limit.

The incredible performance of these special edition cars is matched only by their luxurious specification. Demonstrating the ultimate in bespoke Mulliner design and craftsmanship, every car in the Le Mans Collection celebrates a moment in motorsport history that will never be forgotten.


Exquisite exterior Detailing

Every inch of the stunning exterior of these cars is inspired by Bentley’s Le Mans story. It starts with a bespoke exterior paint colour named Verdant, created to evoke the hue known colloquially as ‘British Racing Green’. In keeping with Bentley’s Le Mans racers, a silver stripe runs down the centre of the bonnet and across the smooth arc of the roof, while a white number 7 can be seen on the grille – a nod to the number borne by the winning Speed 8 in 2003.

Black detailing lends the deep green exterior paint a contemporary sporting edge, with the Blackline specification turning all the brightware black. The boot panel that houses the rear lights is blacked out too – another detail commonly seen on Bentley’s race cars. The tops of the door mirrors have been finished in gloss black to match, resulting in a two-tone effect that evokes racing livery.

Finally, the 22” ten-spoke sports alloy wheels are finished in gloss black paint, allowing the red callipers that house the huge carbon ceramic brakes to be seen clearly through their spokes. The ultra-low-profile tyres in which they are clad are the most motorsport-oriented ever fitted to a road-going Bentley.


A cabin that brings history to life

Inside, the story continues, in a masterclass of luxury craftsmanship.

The second either of the front doors open, welcome lamps displaying the winning 2003 wreath illuminate the ground, while a glowing outline of the Speed 8 race car can be seen, cut into the outer treadplate. The upholstery is a combination of dark Beluga leather and racetrack-inspired Dinamica panels, with a bright red Hotspur accent colour used for the stitching, the seatbelts and the 6 o’clock stripe on the steering wheel. It even provides a defining red outline for the deep pile overmats in the footwells.

A sleek Piano Black veneer is applied to the centre console, which houses a 24-hour clock – a nod to the length of the legendary Le Mans race – while the fascia and waistrails inside the doors combine Piano Black with carbon fibre. Metal overlays showing wreaths representing all six of Bentley’s Le Mans wins can be seen on the fascia’s passenger side.

Inside and out, the cars stand as stunning examples of Mulliner’s design and craftsmanship. From the exterior paintwork and racetrack-style detailing to bespoke illumination and unique features such as the clock, every aspect of these cars has been tailored to tell a story. And as a commemorative finishing touch, a genuine piece of history is displayed in the centre window of the Bentley Rotating Display: a carefully machined slice of a valve from the engine that powered the winning Speed 8, back on that unforgettable day in 2003.

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