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Mulliner Collections


To offer the pinnacle of automotive craftsmanship across Bentley’s model range, Mulliner applies its expertise to production Bentleys such as the Continental GT Mulliner, the Continental GTC Mulliner and the Flying Spur Mulliner. Together, they represent the ultimate fusion of Bentley luxury and performance. Periodically, however, the team also bring their skills to bear on limited collection vehicles, often created to reflect themes specific to different parts of the world .


From the Continental GT Mulliner and the convertible Continental GTC Mulliner to the Flying Spur Mulliner, Bentley’s Mulliner models are renowned the world over for their unrivalled levels of luxury. While each of these cars has a distinctly different character, what unites them is their fusion of thrilling performance and incredible attention to detail.

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Commissioned according to themes that reflect everything from the changing seasons to the vastness of the cosmos, these special collections bring the potential of bespoke design to life. Breathtaking in their beauty, limited to very short production runs and always in high demand, they often become collector’s items within days of going on sale.

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Continental GT Le Mans Collection

Inspired by Bentley’s history at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Le Mans Collection by Mulliner is a limited series based on the Continental GT Speed and characterised by truly stunning bespoke features.


They include welcome lamps that display Bentley’s 2003 wreath in their beams and a piece of the engine that powered the winning number 7 car, displayed in the centre window of the Bentley Rotating Display.


With fewer than fifty cars in existence, the Le Mans Collection by Mulliner combines rarity with historical significance, standing as an exquisite tribute to Bentley’s racing history.