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Mulliner Classic


For lovers of coachbuilt Bentleys, Mulliner Classic is the closest thing there is to a time machine. Many projects go beyond simple restoration, beginning with an expert team of Mulliner engineers and craftspeople going back to the original blueprints and, in some cases, reverse-engineering an original car, sympathetically dismantling and rebuilding it to catalogue every last component, often for the first time in history.

Every effort is made to research, re-learn and re-apply the traditional techniques and methods of manufacture that were used when these classic cars were in their heyday, to deliver an authentic set of components made with era-appropriate materials. Modern techniques such as CAD design and additive manufacturing are then brought to bear to create new parts from scratch, wherever required. These efforts result in the first new examples of classic Bentleys to roll out of the factory in many decades, literally bringing history to life.

Every time a new car is selected for recreation, an extremely limited number of them will be made available to customers. To express your interest in the next project, please talk to your Bentley dealer or contact us directly on +44 (0) 1270 653 653.  

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In the legendary Le Mans race of 1930, theBentley team fought off fierce competition to take first and second place with its powerful Speed Sixes. Now, new Speed Sixes are due to roll out of the Bentley factory once again. Starting with the original Bentley blueprints, the Mulliner team has forensically studied every detail of the original works racing specification cars, before creating the first new Bentley Speed Sixes to be built in more than 90 years.

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Mulliner Corniche

The original Bentley Corniche was just a prototype – a true one-off. In 1939, it was undergoing road testing in France, when it was badly damaged in an accident. Sent home for repairs, the chassis made it back to the Bentley factory, but the bodywork remained in the port of Dieppe, where it was destroyed in a bombing raid when war broke out. As a result, the car was never seen again – until a stunning rescue mission was undertaken.

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Mulliner Blower Continuation Series

In 2019, a plan was hatched to resurrect the supercharged Bentley 4½ Litre, more commonly known as the Blower. Bentley’s own original Team Blower was carefully stripped down so that every part could be catalogued and scanned, before being painstakingly rebuilt and restored to working order. The digital files were then used as the basis for the creation of the first new Bentley Blowers to be built in almost a century. Just 12 cars were created, for what was christened the Blower Continuation Series.       

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