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The Continental Range

The Continental GT Convertible is everything a grand tourer should be, embodying a unique blend of exquisite style, craftsmanship and exhilaration. The interior and exterior design creates a luxurious experience that, combined with a remarkable driving experience, make it unlike any other car.

The current range of convertible Continentals includes five cars: the Continental Supersports Convertible, the Continental GT Speed Convertible, the Continental GT Convertible, the Continental GT V8 S Convertible and the Continental GT V8 Convertible

Launched in August 2017, the new Continental range is led by the extraordinary new Continental GT coupe

To enquire about availability in your region, please contact your local Bentley dealer


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Exterior Design

The convertible models of the Continental GT have been created to deliver the ultimate, open-top, grand touring experience – without compromise to the sleek design lines of the car.

The Bentley Styling team has created a streamlined hood available in a choice of eight colours - resulting in a convertible of elegantly tailored lines and muscular form, and sharp, contemporary lines.

Distinctive large, close-set inner headlamps, ringed by jewel-like LED lights, sit either side of the wide chrome grille. At the rear, Bentley’s signature ‘floating’ LED lights draw one’s eye to the extremities of the car, emphasising its road presence.

In common with many of the finest Bentleys ever built, the car features a defined metal crease known as the powerline, running from the front wheel to the rear haunch, for a confident stance and sense of power. Superforming, a technique that combines 450ºC heat with air pressure, is used to form the large, seamless aluminium panels and the sharp lines that define them.

This dedication to design is only achievable thanks to Bentley’s state-of-the-art facilities and its life-long commitment to producing coach-built cars featuring exquisite details. 

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Bentley Continental Supersports rear cabin with black, red and white leather quilted seats | Bentley Motors

Interior Design

The interior of the Continental Convertible has been designed to maximise the sense of harmony between the in-car environment and the world outside.

Carefully selected leather hides and smooth metal surfaces deliver a seductive blend of luxury and steely modernity , the cabin shielded from the wind by an aerodynamic windscreen at all times. The exquisite leather within the car's cabin strikes a perfect balance with knurled chrome detailing and wood veneer, lacquered and sanded up to eighteen times to produce a truly flawless finish.

It's the little things that count
We knew it was just as important to have somewhere to instantly stow your sunglasses , mobile phone, keys or any other item so you can remain comfortable, relaxed and enjoy your convertible’s sumptuous interior. And as you might expect from a truly luxurious grand tourer, this is a car with massage seats. Its heated, ventilated car seat cushions provide unrivalled comfort, even on the longest of journeys.

Speed is vital in a grand tourer, but when it comes to the Continental GT, style matters just as much.

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Continental GT V8 Convertible, bespoke


All Bentley wood veneers are cured for 72 hours and treated with five layers of clear lacquer by hand, to achieve a luxurious finish without compromising the natural beauty of the grain. There is a range of other ethically sourced veneers to choose from, alongside the more technical look that can be achieved with Carbon Fibre or Bright Tint Aluminium. All leather surfaces are soft-touch, yet seams and edges are precisely defined. Instrument graphics are elegant and clear; the cabin architecture has an refined, inviting feel.

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Mulliner Design Specification

The Mulliner Driving Specification adds exclusivity without detracting from the purity of the car’s design. For the exterior, unique 21" seven twin-spoke alloy wheels with a choice of painted or polished finishes develop the sporting theme.

Inside, the Mulliner Driving Specification includes quilted perforated hide seats, door infill and rear three-quarter panels with embroidered Bentley emblems on the headrests, while the knurled sports gear lever and drilled alloy sports foot pedals recall Bentley’s grand touring heritage.

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The Continental GT Convertible range delivers breath-taking performance, its speed and acceleration available at all times, whether the hood is up or down. For many, however, it is the joy of open-top driving at speed that represents the ultimate thrill.

With a choice between W12 or V8 engines, it is capable of astonishing power, yet remains impeccably refined. Choose the W12 twin-turbo engine, and its impressive torque results in an effortless reserve of energy at the flex of the driver’s right foot.

For increased efficiency, consider the V8 engine: innovatively designed to reduce engine weight and employing variable displacement technology. The result of all this innovation is an improved Continental GT V8 engine, with no penalty to fuel economy or emissions. For additional information on the Continental Convertible performance figures, use our model comparison tool here.

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Variable Displacement

In both the W12 and V8 engines, variable displacement technology, enables half of the cylinders to switch off at gentle throttle openings – for improved efficiency, without affecting the smooth surge of acceleration for which Bentley is renowned.

When the engine's control microprocessor detects a light throttle opening, it closes the valves on half of the cylinders, so that they only act as gas springs. This has two immediate benefits: the remaining operative cylinders run at a higher level of efficiency, and the engine's frictional and gas transfer losses are reduced. As soon as the driver presses the throttle harder the engine instantly switches back to full operation. 

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All-Wheel Drive

The Bentley Continental GT Convertible features permanent all-wheel drive. Whether you're four-time world rally champion Juha Kankkunen targeting a new world ice speed record, or simply want to accelerate smartly away from the lights on a cold, wet winter's day, the reassuring grip and traction of all-wheel drive is the other essential ingredient in a Bentley's high performance capability.

An all-wheel drive powertrain gives the Continental GT Convertible reassuring traction in all conditions. The impressive power of the engine is sent to all four wheels, with a 60:40 rear power delivery bias for optimum handling. As a result, it is not simply one of the fastest cars in the world but also one of the most confidence-inspiring, delivering exceptional grip and control. In addition, the uprated Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system operates alongside the all-wheel drive system to deliver superb reassurance whatever your driving style. 

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Side view of a red Bentley Continental GT Supersports Convertible with lowered roof | Bentley Motors
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Close up of a Bentley Continental Supersports interior air vent and diamond pattern veneer | Bentley Motors


In the Continental GT, technology is applied in accordance with Bentley’s long held philosophy: that technological features should only be added where they enhance the experience of driving or travelling in the car .

Convertible Technology
All convertible models provide supreme comfort for driver and passenger. The seats’ surfaces feel soft and yielding for an immediate sensation of comfort, yet there’s a firmer interlayer beneath that provides all-important support during longer drives.

The Convertible's optional front seat ventilation system allows you to enjoy hood-down summer motoring while remaining cool. To achieve this, excess heat is drawn out of the seat backrest by silent-running fans. This option is paired with a seat massage system, including two lumbar massage cells and ten surface massage cells, for an invigorating massage that extends right down the back to keep you alert and relaxed as you drive. 

And for those cool summer evenings or crisp spring mornings, the Continental GT Convertible offers a further inducement to enjoy hood-down motoring:  an optional neck-warmer. A discreet vent in the seat just below the headrest provides a stream of warm air to take the chill off your drive. Three speed settings allow you to achieve the ideal level of comfort for the conditions.

When a convertible looks this good hood down, you’ll want to enjoy it all year round. And with seats like these, you can.

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Leather interior of the front console inside the Continental GT Speed Convertible | Bentley Motors

Infotainment System

The 8" touch screen in the centre console provides easy access to navigation maps, trip data, comfort controls and entertainment system at all times. A 30 GB hard drive provides quick access to mapping data and the option of landscape imagery*, alongside live traffic data and online access for point-of-interest searches.

An optional Wi-Fi hotspot supports the use of digital devices such as tablets, smartphones and laptops. All it requires for operation is a SIM card; this can be the card you normally use in your phone or a separate card supplied by your mobile network.

The Continental GT can pair with almost any Bluetooth® smartphone, tablet or media player, playing music through the in-car audio system and accessing the contact database in a smartphone.*

*Not available in all markets
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Bentley Continental GT Convertible, naim audio

Sound System

Your Continental Convertible comes with a sound system which features eight Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) speakers. By combining the functions of separate tweeters and mid-range speakers in a single unit, they are able to direct sound around the cabin accurately and with incredible clarity. You can also enjoy automatic adjustment to the subwoofer and overall bass settings when the top is down.

Naim for Bentley
Those looking for the ultimate audio experience should consider the Naim for Bentley premium audio system. The result of a close technical collaboration between Bentley and Naim™, it features 11 Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) speakers and a 1,100 watt amplifier. No larger than a conventional 420 watt unit, its design involved an acoustic analysis that considered every possible factor – right down to the way the car’s body panels behave in motion.

It even features a DSP ‘brain’ that can re-time the sound, ensuring that the bass from the boot-mounted subwoofer reaches the listener’s ears at the same time as the treble from the front dashboard-mounted tweeters.

Naim for Bentley is available as an individual option or as part of the Premier Specification.

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Colour Options

If you have a specific colour requirement for your Continental GT, Bentley's paint specialists are able to match any colour you like and reproduce it: they'll be happy to create a shade as unique as your memories. Your local Bentley dealer will be happy to discuss your options.

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Rear passenger cabin of the Continental GT Speed Convertible with diamond quilted seats | Bentley Motors

Hides and Stitching

When you drive a Bentley, leather provides the tactile connection between your hands and the high-performance grand tourer at your command. In fact, every soft-touch surface in the cockpit is covered with hand-stitched leather.

Seventeen different hide colours are available, with the choice of single or two-colour hide upholstery. Choose contrast stitching, and a contrasting colour will be used for the seats, doors, rear quarter panels, centre console and armrests. For the ultimate hand-crafted interior, choose hand cross-stitching on all four seats and outer armrests.

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Colour Your Convertible

The roof of the car offers further opportunity for personalisation. There is a wide range of options for the headlining that adorns the inside of the roof, while the external fabric used in the four-layer hood on the convertible can also be specified in your choice of 8 colours.

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Wheel Options

Continental GT Convertible  wheels are available in a range of designs. Depending on your choice, six different finishes are also available.

Just like the rest of the Continental exterior, all Continental wheels were designed at the Bentley factory in Crewe, so they match the car’s proportions perfectly. For full all-weather capability, winter compound tyres are also available from your Bentley dealer

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Optional Specifications

Creating your bespoke Bentley is a fun and rewarding experience. A vast number of colour, trim and feature combinations enable you to create your ideal specification.

Bentley has created a selection of recommended optional specification packages that will add to your overall ownership experience. Multiple packages can be chosen as well as individual options. All work in harmony to create a very personal Continental GT Convertible. Available packages include:

  • Mulliner Driving Specification
  • Premier Specification
  • Interior Style Specification
  • All Weather Specification
  • Classic Specification (Continental GT Convertible only)
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Silver blue Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible Black Edition on a country road | Bentley Motors

Accessories Range

When you choose a Continental, you are also able to select from a wide range of accessories. From styling options to travelling essentials, they all have one thing in common: they have been meticulously designed to complement – and often enhance – an already extraordinary car.

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Continental GT Blackline 1 - 1920x670.jpg

Accessories for your Lifestyle

Your Style
With our range of exterior accessories, your Continental GT Convertible can evolve into an ultimate expression of your personal style. The Blackline Pack and Black Glass Door Surround replace the exterior chrome elements of the car with a visually striking jet black alternative. Whilst our Sports Exhausts and stunning choice of Alloy Wheel upgrades enhance both the presence and stance of your car even further.

Your Journey
We’ve designed items to assist you with every type of journey. For wintry driving conditions, our Spikes-Spider© Snow Chains and Winter Tyres help keep you safely on the road. To accompany these, All Weather Heavy duty Floor Mats provide excellent grip and interior protection at all times and Luggage Compartment Floor Nets help secure your cherished possessions whilst on the move

Your Enjoyment
Every journey is a pleasure in a Continental GT Convertible. This is why Bentley accessories are designed to enhance that feeling of utter contentment. Sink your feet into sumptuous Deep Pile Overmats, or opt for soft Lambswool Rugs tailored to fit the footwells perfectly. Play your favourite entertainment effortlessly with our iPhone-compatible multimedia leads. Enjoy the perfect picnic away with a thermo-electric Cooler Bag for your refreshments, and make arriving back home a near seamless task with our Remote Garage Door Opener.

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