A special edition of the Continental GTC Speed. Limited in number, they commemorate the history of Bentley’s incredible W12 engine.


The Continental GTC Speed Edition 12 has been created to celebrate the contribution of Bentley’s legendary W12 engine to automotive history. Part of a series of limited-edition cars that also includes the hard-top Continental GT Speed Edition 12, the Flying Spur Speed Edition 12 and the Bentayga Speed Edition 12, it represents one of the final opportunities to acquire a W12-powered Bentley.


Offering all the performance and technology available in the production Continental GTC Speed, this commemorative edition adds a wealth of exquisitely crafted features, reflecting the status of the incredible engine that lies beneath the bonnet. From Speed Edition 12 badging and veneer overlays to a plaque on the engine itself, it takes the luxurious Speed specification to the next level. Owners will even receive a scale model of the W12 engine, cast from a genuine recycled W12 engine block.


The time has now come to celebrate the life of the engine that changed Bentley forever. The cars in this collection represent an unforgettable period in Bentley’s story – and with only 120 examples of this model scheduled for production, demand will be extremely high.

208 MPH
Max Speed
3.6 s
0-60 mph
650 BHP
Max Power
900 NM
Max Torque



In 2011, four-time world rally champion Juha Kankkunen broke his own Ice Speed Record – the maximum speed ever achieved in a car on ice – driving a Bentley Continental GTC Supersports. Under the bonnet was the engine that has propelled Bentleys to so many speed records, from the ice lakes of the Arctic Circle to the dizzy heights of Pikes Peak: the 6.0 litre, twin-turbocharged Bentley W12.

When the Bentley W12 engine burst onto the scene in the first Continental GT, it represented a new chapter in a story that goes back over 100 years. It was subsequently adopted for one new Bentley model after another. Despite the technical challenges involved in building engines to this design, the W12 soon established itself as the pinnacle powerplant in Bentley’s high-performance line-up, consistently delivering the Bentley hallmarks of immense power and torque, combined with incredible smoothness.

Two decades since its introduction, Bentley remains the only automotive manufacturer to build production cars powered by the W12 engine – but now, that era is finally coming to an end.




The Continental GTC Speed Edition 12 is one of the most powerful and exhilarating four-seat convertibles on the planet – thanks in no small part to the iconic engine it celebrates. Capable of generating 650 bhp and a massive 900 Nm of torque, it can propel you from zero to 60 mph in just 3.6 seconds – acceleration you can hear as well as feel when driving in Sport mode, thanks to the exhaust system’s Adaptive Valve Control.


An arsenal of cutting-edge chassis systems come together to harness all this power, optimising the driving experience. Adaptive all-wheel drive means the car is driven by the rear axle alone unless traction is compromised, at which point the engine’s power is automatically distributed across both axles, for instant four-wheel drive grip.
All-wheel steering drastically reduces the car’s turning circle when driving at low speeds, increasing agility on city streets. At higher speeds it enables you to glide across lanes with more control and confidence. Torque vectoring, delivered both by brake and an electronic limited-slip differential, enables the car to hug the road tightly when cornering at speed. The Bentley Dynamic Ride anti-roll system, meanwhile, keeps the car stable throughout, while allowing for a softer ride when cruising.


Like all modern W12 Bentleys, the car also features variable displacement, a feature that allows for six of the engine’s twelve cylinders to shut down when their power is not needed – when driving at low speeds in city streets, for example – to reduce emissions and fuel usage. The instant you accelerate hard, the car’s legendary engine fires on all cylinders once again.


Shaped to cut through the air, the Continental GTC Speed exudes racetrack attitude. Much of the brightware – the exterior styling details normally rendered in chrome – is rendered in a dark tint, for a stealthier appearance. The Styling Specification adds a gloss carbon fibre body kit featuring a mirror-matched weave pattern, while the internal components of the front and rear lamps are also treated with a dark tint, for extra presence.

Inside, the seats feature a unique Speed colour split and Speed embroidery, to complement the sumptuous Precision Diamond quilting, exclusive to Bentley’s performance-focused models. With the Colour Specification included as standard, you can choose from the entire range of hide and carpet colours. From the graphics in the instrumental panel to the sports pedals at your feet, this is a cabin that overflows with sporting style.



An Iconic Interior Design Story

The cabin of the Continental GTC Speed Edition 12 continues to celebrate the era of the W12 engine, ensuring that when your car is seen with the top down, the interior and exterior story become one.

Its illuminated outer treadplates give off a gentle white glow on entry, lending the cabin an especially dramatic atmosphere in the dark. You will then step over Edition 12 inner treadplates into a truly extraordinary interior. On the fascia, mirror-like Grand Black veneers are punctuated with Speed Edition 12 badging, along with a metal overlay depicting a very special sequence of numbers: the engine firing sequence of the W12 engine’s cylinders. The solid brass organ stop air vent controls, meanwhile, feature a number 12 badge on each one.

The upholstery can be commissioned in your choice of five colour combinations, all arranged in Bentley’s exclusive Speed colour pattern, while the seats and upholstered interior panels on the doors feature an intricate embroidered pattern known as diamond-in-diamond quilting. The effect is enhanced further on the seats with ombré stitching, a technique that sees three different thread colours blend together. An embroidered Edition 12 emblem completes every seat.



Make your Mark on History

The factory specification of the Continental GTC Speed Edition 12 is unlike any other Continental GTC – yet it is one on which you can still put your own stamp. From the wheel finish and exterior paintwork to the interior colourways, there is a significant opportunity to make your car your own.

To take the specification of your Speed Edition 12 car even further, you can enlist the services of Mulliner, Bentley’s personal commissioning division. Working together with you, they can add bespoke features and finishes to your car, created in accordance with your taste. To learn more about Mulliner, please contact your local Bentley dealer.

The Engine

The Continental GTC Speed Edition 12 is available with Bentley’s twin-turbocharged 6.0 litre W12 petrol engine, for truly unrivalled performance.

engine 500x500 w12 Flying Spur_Continental.png W12
Max Power 650 BHP @ 5000 - 6000 RPM
Max Torque 664 lb-ft @ 1500-5000 RPM
Engine Capacity 5950 cc
Fuel Type Petrol (RON95)
Acceleration 0 - 60 mph in 3.6 seconds
Max Speed 208 mph
NEDC drive cycle
Combined Fuel Economy 19.8 mpg
Urban Fuel Economy 13.3 mpg
Extra Urban Fuel Economy 27.4 mpg
Combined Fuel Economy 20.0 mpg
Extra High Fuel Economy 24.4 mpg
High Fuel Economy 23.7 mpg
Medium Fuel Economy 18.8 mpg
Low Fuel Economy 11.6 mpg
Driving Range 397.0 miles
City Driving 12.0 mpg (US)
Highway Driving 18.0 mpg (US)
Combined 14.0 mpg (US)
Weights and Volumes
Unladen Weight (Region2) 5388 lb
Boot Volume 8.3 cu-ft
Fuel Tank Capacity 20.0 gallons
Fuel Tank Capacity (US) 24.0 US gallons
Overall Length 190.9 in
Width Across Mirrors 86.1 in
Overall Height 55.1 in
Wheelbase 112.2 in
Max Power 659 PS / 485 kW @ 5000 - 6000 RPM
Max Torque 900 Nm @ 1500-5000 RPM
Engine Capacity 5950 cc
Fuel Type Petrol (RON95)
Acceleration 0 - 100 km/h 3.7 seconds
Max Speed 335 km/h
NEDC drive cycle
Combined CO2 326.0 g/km
Combined Fuel Economy 14.3 l/100 km
Urban Fuel Economy 21.2 l/100 km
Extra Urban Fuel Economy 10.3 l/100 km
Combined CO2 320.0 g/km
Combined Fuel Economy 14.1 l/100 km
Extra High Fuel Economy 11.6 l/100 km
High Fuel Economy 11.9 l/100 km
Medium Fuel Economy 15.0 l/100 km
Low Fuel Economy 24.4 l/100 km
Driving Range 639.0 km
City Driving 12.0 mpg (US)
Highway Driving 18.0 mpg (US)
Combined 14.0 mpg (US)
Weights and Volumes
Unladen Weight (Region1) 2436 kg
Boot Volume 235 litres
Fuel Tank Capacity 90 litres
Fuel Tank Capacity (US) 24.0 US gallons
Overall Length 4850 mm
Width Across Mirrors 2187 mm
Overall Height 1399 mm
Wheelbase 2849 mm
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