Bentley Continental GT Speed in Orange Flame featuring Dark tint radiator matrix driving along a highway.
Bentley Continental GT Speed in Orange Flame featuring Dark tint radiator matrix driving along a highway.


Continental GT

The ultimate GT

Meet the ultimate grand touring car. This unique combination of power, craftsmanship and stunning automotive design is available with two powertrains: a thrilling 4.0 litre V8 petrol engine or the phenomenally powerful 6.0 litre W12 petrol engine.

Bentley Continental GT Speed in Orange Flame featuring Dark tint radiator matrix driving along a highway.
A model/ person in orange suit
Detailed textured view of Bentley Continental GT S and Continental GT Speed Model Veneer called Light Côtes de Genève

The Range

The ultimate grand tourer

Few cars turn heads like the Continental GT. The ultimate grand tourer for more than 20 years, its latest incarnation is available in a choice of seven stunning models.

The Continental GT model captures the essence of grand touring, while the Continental GT Azure brings an elevated level of luxury. The Continental GT S adds sports styling and a more dynamic drive, and the Continental GT Speed offers the ultimate in performance. The Continental GT Speed Edition 12 celebrates the story of the W12 engine, while the wondrous Continental GT Mulliner represents the pinnacle of the range.  

Front side angled view of Bentley Continental GT Mulliner W12 in Tanzanite Purple colour, featuring 22 inch Mulliner Wheel Painted and Mulliner double diamond radiator grille - Black.

Continental GT Mulliner

The ultimate Bentley

Continental GT Mulliner

With either a 6.0 litre W12 or a 4.0 litre V8 engine, the Continental GT Mulliner is the luxurious pinnacle of the Continental GT range and one of the world’s most prestigious cars.

Front side angled view of Bentley Continental GT Speed W12 in Orange Flame colour, featuring 22 inch Speed Wheel - Dark Tint and Black gloss radiator matrix grille with black surround.

Continental GT Speed

Unrivalled performance

Continental GT Speed

With a phenomenal 6.0 litre, twin-turbocharged W12 petrol engine, the Continental GT Speed delivers truly unrivalled power alongside supreme sporting style.

Front side angled view of Bentley Continental GT S V8 in Cambrian Grey colour, featuring 22 inch Ten Spoke Sports Wheel - Black Painted and Ceramic brakes with red callipers.

Continental GT S

Enhanced performance

Continental GT S

Styled to set hearts racing and powered by a 4.0 litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine, the Continental GT S is a grand tourer with a bold, uncompromising edge.

Front side angled view of Bentley Continental GT Azure V8 in Topaz Blue -by Mulliner, featuring 22 inch Ten Spoke Wheel-Black Painted and Bright Machined.

Continental GT Azure

Unrivalled wellbeing

Continental GT Azure

With a smooth, powerful 4.0 litre V8 engine, the Continental GT Azure brings together technology and craftsmanship to take luxury and wellbeing to new heights. 

Front side angled view of Bentley Continental GT Mulliner W 12 in Tanzanite purple colour, featuring 22 inch Mulliner Wheel Painted and Mulliner double diamond radiator grille - Black

Continental GT

The definitive Bentley

Continental GT

Powered by a 4.0 litre V8 engine, the Continental GT can be considered the definitive luxury grand tourer. 


An object of desire

A long bonnet and short front overhang result in the ideal grand tourer profile, with sweeping lines guiding the eye from the front wheel to a muscular rear haunch.


The sleek bodyshell is made from superformed aluminium panels – large, light and streamlined, they allow the exterior to be created from fewer pieces for a smooth, almost uninterrupted surface. A silhouette like this is simply unattainable on mass-produced cars.

Detailed close up of Light Côtes de Genève
View over looking driver's seat of Bentley Continental GT Mulliner featuring Grand Black with Diamond Milled Console veneer contrasted by Linen Hide.


A personal statement

You can choose from a core selection of paint colours selected by the Bentley design team. If you also consider the extended range and the Mulliner Paint range, your choice grows to more than 80 colours in total – including the stunning new metallic finish, Topaz Blue. The Blackline Specification, meanwhile, turns the exterior chrome detailing black, for a darker, more stealth-inspired aesthetic. You can also choose from a wide range of wheels in sizes of up to 22”, for unrivalled road presence. Inside, almost everything you can see can be tailored to your taste, from the colour of the leather upholstery to the veneers that surround the cabin – right down to the pedals and carpets. Technology options include seat adjustment systems and a choice of sound systems: including the 16-channel, 1,550-watt Bang & Olufsen system and the ultimate in audiophile sound, the 2,200-watt Naim for Bentley system.
Driver side view of Bentley Continental GT Azure, with Heated, single tone, 3-spoke, hide-trimmed steering wheel in view set in Open pore Crown Cut Walnut veneer.
Open Pore Koa veneer detailed textured view featured in Bentley Continental GT

Equipped for the digital age

A suite of connected services
Bentley Rotating Display
Assistance for the open road
Effortless urban driving
Every Continental GT features Apple CarPlay, for the seamless integration of your phone. USB-C charging points are installed in every model, as is a Wi-Fi hotspot, for connection to the internet. The My Bentley app, meanwhile, allows for remote access to your car.
The optional Bentley Rotating Display is a stunning feature that enables you to replace the touchscreen with three handcrafted analogue gauges at the touch of a button – or even opt instead for an uninterrupted panel of veneer, allowing you to disconnect and focus on the joy of the drive.

Standard on some models and optional on all others, the Touring Specification includes a wealth of driver assistance systems, from Adaptive Cruise Control and lane detection to autonomous parking and a night vision camera. * All Driver Assistance systems and Connected Car technology are subject to regional availability. Please contact your local Bentley retailer for full details.

The City Specification is a package of driver assistance features aimed at making it easier to drive in town. They include numerous detection and anti-collision systems, as well as Park Assist, which enables the car to identify parking spaces and move into them without steering input from the driver.
Driver side view of Bentley Continental GT S V8 overlooking passenger side, featuring Hotspur and Beluga Hide with High Gloss Carbon Fibre Veneer.
Red leather hide
Key Features

Exquisite interior design

Clad in handcrafted hide
A vast range of veneers
Practical performance
Inside the cabin, there is a range of hide colours, quilting styles and colour layouts, with numerous further options for embroidery, piping, accent colours and stitching. Whichever model you choose, all the upholstery is crafted by hand.
Traditional, high-gloss veneers can be commissioned in a variety of wood species, alongside open pore options that require less lacquer, for a more contemporary and environmentally friendly matt finish. Technical materials can also be selected, such as engine-turned aluminium in a variety of shades, or lightweight carbon fibre.
The cabin of the Continental GT is designed to seat four adults in comfort, regardless of the length of the drive. It also includes generous luggage space in the boot, as well as thoughtfully designed stowage spaces inside the cabin.
Accessories Portrait Teaser.jpg
Detailed textured view of Bentley Flying Spur S and Speed model's veneer.

Life without limits

Styling Specification
Titanium Sports Exhaust
Paint Protection Film
Front splitter, rear boot lid spoiler, diffuser and branded side sills all finished in specially commissioned, high-gloss, black carbon fibre. It comes together to give added presence on the road.
There is more to Bentley style than just the way your car looks, however – which is why Akrapovic titanium sports exhausts enable you to be heard as well as seen. Every Akrapovic titanium sports exhaust is acoustically tuned for a powerful roar, from the second you switch the engine on.

PPF is a clear, high performance film that prevents chips and light scratches in paint work. When heat is applied, any fine scratches and swirl marks will be removed, ensuring your car’s exterior finish remains as good as it was the day it left the factory.

All vehicles on this page: WLTP drive cycle: fuel consumption, mpg (l/100 km) – Combined 20.6-23.3 (12.1-13.7). Combined CO₂ – 275-311 g/km.