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Bentayga Technology


Every Bentayga* and Bentayga Extended Wheelbase* comes equipped with technology designed to make life with your vehicle effortless.  It includes features designed to boost the wellbeing of both driver and passengers, such as smart air conditioning and particle filtering, as well as intelligent driver assistance systems that make the Bentayga easier to drive than ever. From self-driving systems that take the stress out of parking and towing trailers, right down to personalising your settings, every detail has been considered in the quest for the ultimate travelling experience.

*All features subject to regional availability. Please ask your local Bentley dealer.  
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Heightened Wellbeing


The purity of the air you breathe is critical to your wellbeing. That’s why the Bentayga features an intelligent air conditioning system, designed to improve cabin air quality and reduce the number of harmful airborne particles to which you and your passengers are exposed. This can be particularly important in cities where traffic is heavy, especially when it comes to the concentration of PM2.5 particles in the air. These tiny particles – potentially toxic and often small enough to inhale – can come from the brakes and tyres of many road vehicles.

When the system is activated, your Bentayga constantly monitors the atmosphere for pollutants like these, both inside and outside the cabin, then filters them out of the air you breathe. The interior and exterior readings can be seen at any time on the ‘Air Quality’ panel on the central touchscreen.

As well as PM2.5 particles, the system models the CO2 concentration in your car. Provided levels are judged to be low outside the vehicle, clean fresh air is drawn in. But if not, the system will recirculate the air inside instead.

To save energy, it also detects whether there is anyone sitting in the rear seats. If they are empty, air conditioning performance in the back of the cabin is automatically reduced.

Tunnels can be a problem for air quality – but not in a Bentayga. The system automatically detects them as you approach, then switches to recirculation mode before you enter. This maximises air quality inside the cabin, rather than allowing the air pollution inside the tunnel to affect you. The moment you exit the tunnel, the system switches back, drawing in fresh air from outside, once again.

These features are standard on all Bentayga and Bentayga EWB models.


You can use the My Bentley smartphone app to check the status of your locks, lights, mileage and fuel. Drivers of hybrid models can also use it to remotely pre-heat or pre-cool the cabin to an ideal temperature, thanks to the My Cabin Comfort feature. As well as setting the overall cabin temperature, you can also heat individual seats, armrests and the steering wheel. And on the chilliest days, you can even ensure the windscreen is defrosted before you set off.

My Cabin Comfort can be used with any hybrid Bentayga.

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For the comfort and wellbeing of rear-seat passengers, two groundbreaking features are now available in the standard wheelbase Bentayga and the Bentayga EWB: Postural Adjust and Seat Auto Climate.


Seat Auto Climate monitors heat and humidity at the surface of the seat automatically – and reacts accordingly, adjusting the heating and ventilation levels to keep you comfortable throughout your journey.


Postural Adjust reduces fatigue on long journeys, by subtly varying the pressure in individual pockets of air located inside the seats, at the shoulder, thigh and lumbar positions. Virtually imperceptible at its lowest setting, it promotes healthy blood flow, ensuring that you get out of the vehicle feeling just as good as you did when you got in.


These features are installed as standard on the Bentayga EWB Mulliner. They can be commissioned as an option for all other Bentayga and Bentayga EWB models.

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Effortless Driving


The Touring Specification is a package of driving assistance features that make driving long distances more comfortable. It is installed as standard on the Bentayga Azure, as well as the Bentayga EWB Azure and Mulliner models, and available as an option for all others. Its features include night vision, a head-up display, Adaptive Cruise Control with Lane Guidance and Predictive Adaptive Cruise Control.

The night vision camera makes driving in darkness safer – especially in situations where obstacles could be present outside or beyond the headlamp beams. The view from the camera is shown on the driver’s information display, highlighting any people or animals in your path. The head-up display, meanwhile, projects key driving information into your line of sight on the windscreen, apparently floating above the steering wheel – so you will never need to take your eyes away from the road.

Adaptive Cruise Control with Lane Guidance makes it easy to drive for long periods on the highway, relieving you of the need to use the pedals to control your speed. At speeds from zero to 250 km/h, it will automatically maintain a safe distance from the car in front, even slowing to a stop and restarting in traffic jams, if required. The Lane Guidance function will actively ensure you stay in the centre of your lane. If you override it by changing lanes without indicating, it will issue an alert, improving safety both for you other drivers.

Predictive Adaptive Cruise Control takes many of these functions to major roads beyond the highway. Using data from the navigation system, it can safely control your speed, accelerating or braking as necessary to account for speed limit changes, bends in the road, junctions and roundabouts.

Please note that not all features are available in all markets

Effortless Driving

Safety and Driving Ease

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    Safer and Easier in the City

    Despite the spacious nature of the Bentayga and Bentayga EWB, parking them has never been easier. These vehicles can literally park themselves – you don’t even need to be at the wheel.

    Just activate the Intelligent Park Assist function and your car will identify a suitable parking space, then take control of the steering, pedals and gears until it has safely manoeuvred into the space. You can even use the feature to drive out of the space again safely.

    There will, no doubt, be situations when the parking space is so tight that it will be hard to get in or out once you have parked, without potentially damaging the car’s doors. Likewise, there will be days when the ground is wet or muddy in the parking space the car has selected, making it difficult to exit without getting your shoes or clothes dirty. For situations like these, there is a solution in the form of My Bentley Remote Park Assist, an ingenious feature you can access via the My Bentley smartphone app.

    First, you stop and get out of the vehicle, as close as possible to the space the system has identified. You then tap and hold the button on your phone screen that activates remote parking. In response, your Bentayga will park itself, just as it would if you were sitting behind the wheel, with the manoeuvre continuing for as long as you hold down the button. For safety reasons, the car will stop mid-manoeuvre if you let go for any reason. The car’s parking sensors will monitor the situation throughout, providing feedback to you via the app. When you return to your car, you can also use Remote Park Assist to drive it out of the parking space, so you can comfortably get back in.

    Intelligent Park Assist and My Bentley Remote Park Assist are standard on all Bentayga and Bentayga EWB models.

    Please note that not all features are available in all markets
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    At low speeds, your Bentayga will continuously monitor the environment around the car, to alert you of any impending scrapes or impacts. It also features an incredible, real-time, three-dimensional display of your surroundings, shown on the central touchscreen, which you can use to check any blind spots for obstacles.

    3D Surround View allows you to choose the best view available from the four different cameras on the car or, alternatively, see a 3D view of the overall environment around the vehicle.

    Another feature, Manoeuvre Assist, provides an extra layer of safety for you and your car, by monitoring the environment in hard-to-navigate spaces and issuing audible alerts if it looks likely that your Bentayga may collide with something while you are manoeuvring. If you ignore the alerts, it will apply the brakes automatically, preventing any contact and avoiding damage.

    3D Surround View is standard on all Bentayga and Bentayga EWB models.

    Please note that not all features are available in all markets
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    London taxi drivers refer to a situation they call the ‘Magic Carpet Ride’, where they maintain the ideal speed necessary to glide through one set of traffic lights after another, without ever slowing to a stop. It’s a tricky thing to achieve – unless you are driving a Bentayga with the Green Traffic Light Prediction feature.

    By accessing real-time information on the timing of traffic lights from the city’s IT infrastructure, your Bentayga is able to calculate when the lights will change at the next junction – and provide you with a countdown in seconds, displayed in the driver’s information panel. As a result, you can adjust your speed as required. Not only is it incredibly satisfying to drive through the city without stopping, but it also conserves fuel, which in turn can reduce emissions.

    Green Traffic Light Prediction is standard on all Bentayga and Bentayga EWB models. It is currently enabled for a number of cities in the US and Europe, with more cities being added all the time.

    Please note that not all features are available in all markets
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    Many Bentayga drivers use their vehicle to tow trailers, bearing loads from horseboxes to boats and jet-skis. Reversing can often prove more difficult with a trailer, however, especially on uneven ground. That’s where the new Trailer Assist features comes in. As soon as you put your Bentayga into reverse gear, the view from the rear camera is projected on the main infotainment screen. You can then use the Drive Dynamics Control rotary knob on the front console to tell the car exactly where you want your trailer to go. All that remains is to let go of the steering wheel and let your Bentayga do the rest.

    Trailer Assist is standard on all Bentayga and Bentayga EWB models when towing options are selected.

    Please note that not all features are available in all markets
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    V8 models of the Bentayga and Bentayga EWB can be commissioned with Bentley Dynamic Ride, a 48-volt anti-roll system. Designed to stiffen the suspension when cornering to improve stability, it automatically softens its grip at other times. The result is a comfortable, refined drive when cruising in a straight line, with no compromise on control when taking corners.

    V8 models also benefit from all-wheel steering, which dramatically reduces the vehicle’s turning circle, making manoeuvring in tight spaces much easier. When driving on the highway, however, the system delivers an additional benefit: by allowing the rear wheels to steer in the same direction as the front wheels, any changing of lanes or overtaking can be achieved much more smoothly, without any sense of the vehicle rolling from side to side.

    All V8 Bentayga and Bentayga EWB models feature Bentley Dynamic Ride and all-wheel steering. Hybrid Bentayga models are not compatible with these features.

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Often, the process of planning a journey starts long before you get into your car. For example, you might use your phone to search for a destination and check out potential routes, before you even leave the house. With the new Online Destination Import feature in the My Bentley smartphone app, you can search for your destination using your phone,   then use the app to ‘push’ it to your car’s navigation system.

Which means there’s no need to enter destination names from scratch on the touchscreen, once you get in. Instead, you can simply close the door, switch on the engine and drive.   The navigation features can even tell you helpful information about your drive, including engine range.  

All new Bentayga and Bentayga EWB models are compatible with this feature.


Every time you get into a Bentayga for the first time, there are a wealth of opportunities available to you to personalise your experience. From storing your favourite radio stations to the seat positions, air conditioning settings and regular destinations in the navigation system, your preferences are part of what makes the Bentley experience personal to you.

Now, thanks to a new feature in the My Bentley app called Personalisation Online, you can store all that data securely in the cloud. This means that every time you get into a Bentayga, whether it is part of your personal fleet or a completely new car, all that information can be downloaded direct to the vehicle, instantly and automatically. The result: the car will feel like it’s yours straight away, even if you have never set foot in it before. And all your personal information will remain private at all times – just as it should be.

All new Bentayga and Bentayga EWB models are compatible with this feature.

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Beneath the hide surfaces of the panels inside the doors lies a series of tiny LED lights – 12 in each front door and 22 in each rear door. Thanks to a series of micro-perforations in the leather, they can be seen shining through when activated.

You can set them to match the colour of the mood lighting elsewhere in the cabin or choose from a selection of 30 colours. Either way, the effect is incredible – and unique to Bentley interiors.

Bentley Diamond Illumination is installed as standard on the Bentayga EWB Mulliner and available as an option for all other Bentayga EWB models.


Every detail of your Bentayga’s interior design reflects the character of the car – right down to the style of the graphics you see in the driver’s information panel.

There are six different styles to choose from, three of which are available for selection on every model in the Bentayga and Bentayga EWB ranges. In addition, there is a wellbeing-inspired design theme for the Azure and A models, plus a sports-inspired theme for the Bentayga S. Choose the Bentayga EWB Mulliner and you can take your pick from all six – including one that is unique to the Mulliner model.

Bentayga EWB Azure_24MY - Steering Wheel_V4_RGB 850x479.png
Rear Turn Assist  1920x670.jpg



Whenever you are turning across another lane of traffic or cycle lane, there is the danger that you might miss a vehicle approaching from the rear in your blind spot. Turn Assist Rear is a new driver assistance feature that runs in the background, monitoring the environment to the side and the rear of your Bentayga for any vehicles you might not have seen. When you are about to turn, it will alert you to the presence of any car, motorcycle or bicycle you may be about to collide with, via the activation of an LED light in the door mirror.

Please note that not all features are available in all markets


Few cars rival the Bentayga and Bentayga EWB when it comes to the breadth of safety-enhancing systems on board. Yet in any road vehicle, there is always the chance that the worst could happen. That’s why every Bentayga is equipped with Emergency Assist – a system that continuously monitors your attention levels while driving at speeds of 40mph (65 km/h) and over, with the ability to bring the vehicle safely to a stop by itself, if you lose consciousness.

First, it will attempt to gain your attention by reducing speed and issuing audio and visual warnings, lowering the volume of the sound system as it does so, if necessary. If you fail to respond, it will briefly tighten your safety belt and apply the brakes. Only if this fails to bring your attention to the road will it stop the vehicle. It will then activate the hazard warning lights, apply the parking brake, unlock the doors and switch on the cabin lights, before making an automated call to the emergency services.

Please note that not all features are available in all markets
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