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Bentley Bentayga S in Cambrian Grey colour, driving along urban setting featuring 22 inch S Directional Wheel - Black Painted and Polished.


The definitive luxury SUV

No other SUV can compete with the Bentayga when it comes to craftsmanship, comfort or sheer exhilaration. Available with a 4.0 litre V8 petrol engine or a 3.0 litre hybrid, it is a luxury SUV without compare.

Bentley Bentayga S in Cambrian Grey colour,parked with side angled view featuring 22 inch S Directional Wheel - Black Painted and Polished.
Individual/Woman/Lady dressed in green jacket with non animal fur and a black hide.
Zoomed in view of leather texture

The Range

A choice without compromise

With a choice between a V8 petrol engine and a V6 hybrid powertrain, the Bentayga is packed with the latest lifestyle-enhancing technology, from driver assistance systems to connected services. With a choice of 4-seat and 5-seat configurations, you can take everyone and everything with you, wherever you go.


The bold Bentayga S features eye-catching sports styling, while the stunning Bentayga Azure takes wellbeing to new heights. The Bentayga A offers enhanced luxury and comfort and the quintessential Bentayga is the definitive luxury SUV.


*Available to order in most markets, but is currently not available in EU27, Switzerland, Israel, Ukraine, Norway, Turkey and Vietnam

Bentley Bentayga S in Cambrian Grey colour side angled view featuring 22 inch S Directional Wheel - Black Painted and Polished with matrix grille.

Bentayga S

Enhanced performance

Bentayga S

Experience an SUV with attitude, defined by bold, eye-catching design, inside and out. This is more than just an SUV. It is a statement of intent.

Bentley Bentayga Azure in Topaz Blue colour side angled view featuring 22 inch Ten Spoke Wheels and fluted chrome grille with a matrix lower grille.

Bentayga Azure

Unrivalled wellbeing

Bentayga Azure

The Bentayga Azure elevates the luxury SUV experience, combining innovative wellbeing technology with truly extraordinary craftsmanship – setting a new standard in SUV luxury.

Bentley Bentayga A - V8 in Silverlake colour, side angled view featuring 21 inch Five Twin-Spoke Wheels and fluted chrome grille.

Bentayga A

Enhanced wellbeing

Bentayga A

The Bentayga A is designed to take the luxury and prestige of the standard Bentayga to a higher level, with heightened levels of comfort and craftsmanship.

Bentley Bentayga in Moonbeam colour side angled view featuring 21 inch Five Twin-Spoke Wheel-Painted and chrome accent side skirt.


The definitive Bentley


The Bentayga represents a unique balance of luxurious craftsmanship, exhilarating performance and all-round versatility


Prepare to turn heads

Atop a sculpted front bumper sits an imposing grille, its design dependent on your choice of model. The sports-focused Bentayga S features a black matrix grille with a black surround, while the Azure and A models feature bright chrome, vertical-vaned grilles, and the base model has a black matrix grille with a chrome surround.


The vehicle’s commanding stance is emphasised by exquisitely designed wheels – the Bentayga Azure and Bentayga S are fitted with their own 22” wheels as standard, while 21” wheels are standard on the Bentayga and Bentayga A.

Close up view of Open Pore Crown Cut Walnut veneer for Bentley Bentayga Azure.
View over looking driver's seat of Bentley Bentayga EWB Azure, featuring Grand Black veneer with Mulliner Overlays and Aluminium Console.


This is just the beginning

You can commission a Bentayga or Bentayga S in any one of seven standard colours – with the choice rising to 16 for the Bentayga Azure. The extended range widens that choice to around 60 colours, plus duo-tone options and Mulliner Paints. The Blackline Specification turns most of the chrome details black, while the Styling Specification adds a full carbon fibre body kit. Inside, you can choose from a range of traditional high-gloss wood veneers, or contemporary new open pore options that use less lacquer. Technical, non-wood options are also available, such as carbon fibre and Dark Tint Diamond Brushed Aluminium. You can even opt for the beautiful new Piano Linen by Mulliner finish on the fascia and waistrails.

Bentley Bentayga S in Cambrian Grey colour side angled view featuring 22 inch S Directional Wheel - Black Painted and Polished with matrix grille.
Close up view of Grey stone texture.

A digital masterclass

Enhanced wellbeing
Unrivalled driving assistance
Effortless cruising
Perfect preparation
A new air conditioning system uses filters to optimise interior air quality and reduce the number of airborne pollutants – including harmful PM2.5 particles. Air quality levels inside and outside the vehicle are displayed in the driver’s information panel,. It can even detect whether anyone is sitting in the rear seat and adjust the system accordingly, to conserve energy.
With Intelligent Park Assist, your Bentayga can park itself. If the parking space is particularly tight, you can even get out before beginning the manoeuvre and activate the system from your smartphone, using the My Bentley* app. Manoeuvre Assist* protects your car from bumps and scrapes in tight spaces, and 3D surround view gives you a three-dimensional, real-time view of your surroundings, based on the input from all four of the car’s cameras.
The Touring Specification* is standard on the Azure and Mulliner models, and available as an option across the rest of the range. It includes Adaptive Cruise Control with Lane Guidance, which will keep your Bentayga at a safe distance from the car in front, due to congested traffic. It will also work to keep you in the centre of your lane, alerting you to any drift and correcting your course. Predictive Adaptive Cruise Control* will control your speed for you on major roads beyond the highway. It can adapt to changing speed limits automatically, while taking junctions, traffic lights and roundabouts in its stride

On hybrid models, the My Cabin Comfort* feature allows you to set the cabin temperature before you set off using your mobile phone, even defrosting the windows in advance of your departure. It’s just one life-enhancing feature in the suite of My Bentley connected services*. 

*All Driver Assistance systems and Connected Car technology are subject to regional availability. Please contact your local Bentley dealer for full details.

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Bentayga S Steering Wheel

Bentayga Technology

Technology designed to make life with your vehicle effortless.


Every Bentayga* and Bentayga Extended Wheelbase* comes equipped with technology designed to make life with your vehicle effortless.


*All features subject to regional availability. Please ask your local Bentley dealer.  

Bentley Bentayga featuring 21 inch Five Twin-Spoke Wheel - Painted,  driving downhill on offroad track with forest in backdrop
Three edged leaves in green colour with hue of purple.
Key Features

Drive anywhere in style

All-wheel drive, wherever you drive
Bentley Dynamic Ride
All-wheel steering
The Bentayga has been built to perform perfectly at lateral and longitudinal angles of up to 35º, with a wading depth of up to 500 mm. Its Torsen all-wheel drive system delivers power to all four wheels, for complete driving confidence at all times.

All V8 models feature Bentley Dynamic Ride – an innovative, electronic anti-roll system that makes adjustments automatically in response to driving conditions. It helps keep the cabin stable when cornering at speed, while also reducing vibrations and improving ride quality on the open road.

The V8 models also feature all-wheel steering, which offers the dual benefit of a tighter turning circle at low speeds, combined with the ability to change lane and overtake much more smoothly and comfortably when travelling at high speeds
Bentley Bentayga Azure in Kingfisher - by Mulliner colour, effortlessly driving along snowy road featuring 2i inch Five-Twin Spoke Wheel - Painted.
Zoomed in portrait view of Bentley Bentayga headlights featuring crystal cut design.

Go even further

Fixed Sill Step
Paint Protection Film
Cross Bars
Highly suited to an off-road lifestyle, Fixed Sill Steps allow passengers to enter and exit the SUV with even greater ease. Available with impeccably finished inserts in Black, Bentley-branded Carbon Fibre and Moonbeam they are ideal complements to the Bentayga Styling Specification and Blackline Specification.

PPF is a clear, high performance film that prevents chips and light scratches in paint work. When heat is applied, any fine scratches and swirl marks will be removed, ensuring your car’s exterior finish remains as good as it was the day it left the factory.

Cross Bars are the base of Bentayga's roof storage system. Designed to support the SUV’s aerodynamic performance, they lock to the car's roof rails to ensure safe transit and confidence in all conditions.
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