Engineering Excellence

After an intensive 18-month research and development programme, the new Naim for Bentley system delivers an ‘as-live’ in-car audio experience which remains true to our philosophy of no compromise in the search for quality.

That attention to detail was applied throughout the Naim for Bentley design process, with engineers from both marques working in partnership from design concept through to in car production to produce sound reproduction that is the equal of the world’s best home audio systems.

That remarkable sound performance is achieved thanks to the use of ground-breaking technology, including a 1100 Watt amplification system, next-generation Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and the most advanced acoustic speaker set-up.

The 1100 Watt amplification system is the most powerful automotive production amplifier in the world, and the DSP offers users eight modes to enhance their listening experience according to seating position or music type.

As with every element of the new music system, the speakers are exclusively designed for the cabin of every model in the Bentley range to provide superior acoustic quality.