The GT’s interior is a whole different experience.

Over 80 per cent of the entire cabin is trimmed with exquisite soft-touch leather, while our full range of wood veneers, cool-touch metals and deep-pile carpets act as the perfect contrast. All are finished in our unparalleled workshops – our attention to detail even extends to applying a UV stabilizer to our veneers to protect them from bleaching, so they can be enjoyed for decades to come.

And as with every Bentley wherever metal is on show, you can rest assured that it is only the finest stainless steel or chrome, to give that reassuringly solid feel from the very first touch.

Every single stitch in every leather hide is still sewn under the watchful eye of our craftsmen and women – as it always has been -  and in the Continental GT, the manner in which these stitching lines enhance the interior surfaces has been brilliantly emphasised. Thanks to the use of ingenious angled ‘ramps’ behind the leather, our designers have been able to create sharp, well-defined interior styling lines, while maintaining a soft-touch feel.

Even the glovebox has been studied intently to allow it to open in a way that is most pleasing to the touch. We calculated the ideal force required to release it and even the time it takes to glide open – 1.7 seconds, in case you were wondering.