CGT Studio Exterior Engine


The 6 litre W12 engine is capable of 616 bhp and produces a maximum torque of 800 Nm. It can propel the Flying Spur's speed from 0-60 mph in 4.3 seconds – and on to a top speed of 199 mph.

With its exquisite interior and the power it places at your fingertips, nothing brings luxury and performance together like the Flying Spur W12.

821_BEN_FS_MY16_W12_IS_I_06_GearLever_v1b_R 1920 x 670.jpg


All-wheel drive with 40:60 front-to-rear torque split guarantees sure-footed performance, while the 8-speed transmission ensures the car is always in the optimum gear, so it is responsive at low speeds and incredibly smooth, even through multiple gear changes. The new engine management system, meanwhile, combines with new chassis hardware and software to give you total control, while also delivering better range.



The Flying Spur is a milestone in the development of the luxury car. It is also a milestone in the development of the performance car. Yet the story doesn’t stop there. The radical new body shape remains recognisably, iconically Bentley. The technology behind the driving experience is unrivalled among vehicles of its kind. And when it comes to transporting passengers in comfort, there is nothing quite like it.