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As ever with in-car technology, the difference is not simply about the technology itself – but in the manner in which it is delivered. The Flying Spur V8 does this in impeccable Bentley style.

Experience Enhancing Control
Technology should enhance every experience but never overpower it. Everything has its place. Everything is designed to feel intuitive and simple – if you have to think too hard about it something isn’t right.

The demonstration of this can be found in the advanced touch screen technology that sits within easy reach of the driver and front seat passenger.

Fingertip Control
Specially designed for Bentley, audio, telephone, navigation system and ride and comfort settings are all just a fingertip away. Rear seat passengers can switch between the front Infotainment system and the rear, as well as control volume via the Touch Screen Remote in the rear compartment. It’s a small detail but it means that everyone can be entertained and feel in control of their entertainment in a way that makes even the longest journeys fly by.

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Rear Seat Entertainment

The Bentley rear seat entertainment (RSE) system integrates a suite of technology into the Flying Spur, including the WiFi hub, two pairs of wireless headphones, two 10" LCD screens and 64GB of media storage with a range of inputs for digital devices.

The LCD screens and two DVD players are conveniently mounted on the back of the front seats to entertain rear-seat passengers with their own choice of diversion. The media input includes two SD card slots, two USB inputs, and two HDMI cable inputs that make the choice of what your passengers choose to watch or listen to via the rear screens almost infinite.

WiFi on Demand
The optional 4G LTE WiFi hub gives you fast access to online music and video, cloud services and other internet-based content, all while you are on the move. Just add a SIM card to connect to the mobile network of your choice.

Designed to enhance your experience, it also never overpowers it – you can be connected to the wider world wherever you are but you can also go off grid and savour the moment.

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Touch Screen Remote

In the Flying Spur V8, control can be passed easily to the the rear passengers through the integrated Touch Screen Remote (TSR).

It is located in the centre of the rear console and can be easily removed from its docking station for ease of use. It controls the rear window blind and rear climate conditions as well as the seat heating and ventilation (where fitted).

You can also use it to adjust the volume of the front Infotainment system as well as switching between radio, media, and map modes. The Flying Spur’s speed, vehicle trip information and current time is also displayed on the TSR, so everyone is kept up to speed with progress however long or short the drive. Digital content is also available if the optional in-car WiFi hub is selected.

You can read more about configuring your Touch Screen Remote here.


Sound System

Flying Spur offers the perfect option for music lovers who appreciate sound quality with a real difference.

The flagship Naim™ for Bentley Premium audio system offers arguably the finest in-car entertainment available. Incorporating 11 custom-built Balanced Mode Radiator Speakers, it sets new standards in audio enjoyment.

You can fill your Flying Spur with total surround quality sound so whether you’re alone or have a full car, everyone can enjoy perfect, detailed reproduction of their favourite music, radio station or audio book.

For the full Flying Spur experience, we recommend you select your favourite music on this exclusive Naim™ system and savour every sound.

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Acoustic Perfection

The quality of all this on-hand entertainment would mean little without a calm environment in which to enjoy it. Fortunately, the Flying Spur features acoustic glazing, alongside soundproof panels built into the doors and the floor. As a result, what’s outside the car stays there – leaving you to appreciate what’s going on inside without distraction or interruption.