Bentley Flying Spur V8, interior




To complement its modern interior, the Flying Spur V8 has advanced touch screen technology in front, designed specifically for Bentley. Both driver and front seat passenger can directly operate the audio, telephone, navigation system and ride and comfort settings. Unique to the Flying Spur, rear passengers can switch between front Infotainment and control volume via the Touch Screen Remote in the rear compartment. 



The Multimedia Specification provides an integrated entertainment system in the rear of the Flying Spur. This includes two 10” LCD screens, and two DVD players conveniently mounted on the rear of the front seats. The media input includes two SD card slots, two USB inputs, and two HDMI cable inputs. This allows a multitude of media to be listened to or watched via the rear screens. This experience is also enhanced with a WiFi hotspot.


Touch Screen Remote

In the Flying Spur V8 the control has been placed firmly in the rear passenger’s hands, via an integrated Touch Screen Remote (TSR). The TSR is located in the centre of the rear console and can be removed from its docking station so rear occupants can reach it more easily. The TSR controls the rear window blind and rear climate conditions as well as the seat heating and ventilation (where fitted). It also allows volume adjustment of the front Infotainment system plus switching between radio, media, and map modes. The speed, current time and vehicle trip information is also displayed on the TSR.

Read more about configuring your Touch Screen Remote here.



Music lovers will opt for the flagship Naim™ for Bentley Premium audio system, arguably the finest in-car entertainment available. Incorporating 11 custom built Balanced Mode Radiator Speakers. This exclusive Naim™ system sets new standards in audio enjoyment creating total surround quality sound reproduction for every occupant. You’ll never forget the first time you listen to your favourite music accompanied by the roar of a 500bhp V8.