Bentley Flying Spur V8 in Moonbeam, Madrid


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Exterior Design

There’s no question the Flying Spur V8 is a breathtaking presence on the road. It’s elegance shines through in the details – the sharply defined body shape, distinctive upright grille and evocative styling.

Defintive Lines
Step back and its power radiates through with the classic Bentley power line running from the front wheel arch down the car’s flank. Note the crisply defined bonnet crease and muscular rear haunches.

These singular lines are formed by employing the most advanced production techniques like superforming that uses a combination of superheating and air pressure to give sharper definition to curves and clearer silhouettes. We invest in this technology to give our cars full expression without compromise.

A Head-Turning Experience
These seemingly small details add up to make the Flying Spur V8 an instantly recognisable and powerful Bentley design statement and an extraordinary luxury sedan. Something you and people around you will appreciate whether cruising effortlessly at speed, or poised charismatically with the engine idling.

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Interior Design

The Flying Spur’s well-appointed cabin is a perfect balance of cutting-edge technology superbly and subtly showcased though matchless craftsmanship. Our expertise shines through in every detail. Run your eye over the deep sheen of mirror-matched wood veneer waist rails and dashboard and you will immediately want to run your fingers over them too.

Consummate Craftsmanship
A wide choice of veneer options lets you create an interior that reflects your personal tastes. Whether you’re looking for a traditional feel or an edgier, more modern look. To help you achieve the right balance, we have introduced two new contemporary veneer options a new contemporary veneer option in rippling and deeply rich Dark Stained Madrona.

All the wood veneer used in the Flying Spur cabin is ethically sourced. Cured for 72 hours, it is then treated with five layers of clear lacquer to enhance its natural beauty. The result is a series of stunning, mirror-matched surfaces that flow seamlessly into the soft, tactile leather.

Authentic Details
Other details that catch the eye include the organ stop air-vent controls. These deliver a smooth, precise and satisfyingly solid feel. Or the hand-stitched steering wheel that feels just right in your hands. It is these thoughtful trademark Bentley design touches that make the simplest operations, like directing the airflow, so rewarding. 

Every detail is worthy of a moment of contemplation. And appreciation.  You can explore the many different options available with our Configurator.

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The Flying Spur V8 Mulliner Driving Specification

In the early days of the motor car, Mulliner became the coachbuilder of choice for Britain’s discerning motorists – many of whom drove Bentleys. Mulliner craftsmanship soon became legendary and in 1959, the company finally became part of Bentley.

Continuing Traditions
The Flying Spur V8 with Mulliner Driving Specification continues this proud tradition of handcrafted excellence, passed down over generations of master coachbuilders. Today, over 100 Mulliner specialists work together to create our signature models, with traditional craftsmen working alongside experts in advanced electronics.

New Heights of Luxury
The Flying Spur V8 model with Mulliner Driving Specification empowers you to take this dynamic Flying Spur to new levels of luxury. There is a huge range of exterior colours to choose from.

Seamlessly Integrated Design
Designed alongside the car at Crewe, Mulliner brings additional options for both exterior and interior. These include 20” 6 tri-spoke alloy wheels with striking Graphite and diamond turned finish, luxurious diamond-quilted seats and door panels with perforated hide. The sporting feel is further enhanced with a tactile knurled sports gear lever and drilled alloy sports pedals that add to the pleasure of gear changing.

Every detail has been crafted to emphasise this remarkable car’s difference - the Flying Spur V8 with Mulliner Driving Specification is truly the quintessential luxury V8.

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Colour & Choice

Whether it is personalising the technology to work seamlessly with your life, wearing a beautifully tailored suit that’s cut to fit perfectly or commissioning a work of art by an artist you have discovered, you appreciate things all the more when you have sought them out for yourself. The same is true of the Flying Spur V8.

Express Yourself
Our approach to design let you express yourself fully with the many opportunities for personalisation of your Bentley. You can consider the countless details and select those that will help you to make your Flying Spur truly unique to you with our Configurator.

A Spectrum of Choice
You can choose from an abundance of colours for the exterior that will create a real impact as your Flying Spur V8 S glides down the street. Alternatively, our bespoke commissioning department can match almost any colour you choose – whether it’s the fleeting shades of pink at dawn over the Mediterranean or the deep velvet blue of a Scandinavian winter’s night, they can help finesse your vision.  


Beautiful on the Inside

On the inside, you can select from a range of striking wood veneers in different finishes, mirror-matched, with or without cross banding. There are many options to complement the finish you choose - from seat sandwich-piping to contrast stitching and cross-stitching. The options are many; the combinations virtually limitless.

Alternatively, contact your local Bentley Dealer. Working together, we can ensure that we create a Bentley Flying Spur unlike any other - your Flying Spur.