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Press the start button on the advanced new 4 litre V8 engine and its inspiring repertoire of sounds is brought to life. From the deep V8 burble at low engine speeds to the rising growl and rasp as the car accelerates.

Bentley’s new V8 develops a massive 660 Nm of torque at the comparatively low engine speed of 1700 rpm. Catapulting the Continental GT V8 Convertible from a standing start to 60 miles an hour in just 4.7 seconds, and on to a potential top speed of 187 mph (301 km/h).



A new 8-speed transmission delivers faster, smoother gear changes, and accounts for 6% of the total 40% efficiency gain achieved by the V8. Its greater number of ratios ensures that the engine is always working at its most efficient gearing.


All Wheel Drive

Without resistance, there is no torque. And without torque, there is no acceleration. Bentley's V8 develops a massive 660 Newton metres of torque at the comparatively low engine speed of 1700 rpm. This massive torque is grounded by the permanent all-wheel drive that features in every Bentley Continental. Whether you're targeting a new world ice speed record or simply want to accelerate smartly away from the lights on a cold wet day, the reassuring grip and traction of all-wheel drive is the other essential ingredient in a Bentley's high performance capability.

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Bentley’s V8 engine is astonishing, not just for what it does but also for the way it does it. The power and torque figures of 500 bhp and 660 Nm from 4 litres alone would indicate that the V8 is an advanced high performance engine. But take into consideration that the GT coupé’s CO2 emissions are a mere 246 g/km and it’s clear that this engine’s technology is world-leading. Even though the Bentley develops a full 500 bhp, its power to emissions ratio sets a new benchmark that will take most rivals years to equal.