CGT Studio interior Close up of Satnav/MMI-screen

infotainment system

The driver of a Bentley grand tourer rightly demands access to a world of information and entertainment on the move. In this respect, Bentley’s Continental GT Convertible meet every expectation. At the heart of the infotainment system is a 30GB hard drive, which offers up to 15GB of storage space for music as well as a massive amount of mapping data.


Seat technology

The Continental GT Convertible was designed to provide supreme comfort for driver and passenger. The seats’ surfaces feel soft and yielding for an immediate sensation of comfort, yet there’s a firmer interlayer beneath that provides all-important support during longer drives.

Choose the optional front seat ventilation system, and excess heat is drawn out of the seat backrest by silent-running fans, allowing you to enjoy hood-down summer motoring in the Continental GT Convertible while remaining cool. This option is paired with a seat massage system, including two lumbar massage cells and ten surface massage cells, for an invigorating massage that extends right down the back to keep you alert and relaxed as you drive. And for those cool summer evenings or crisp spring mornings, the Continental GT Convertible offers a further inducement to enjoy hood-down motoring.

With the optional neck-warmer feature, a discreet vent in the seat just below the headrest provides a stream of warm air to take the chill off your drive. Three speed settings allow you to achieve the ideal level of comfort for the conditions. When a convertible looks this good hood down, you’ll want to enjoy it all year round. And with seats like these, you can.


ipod/mp3 connectivity

While 15GB should be enough music storage to last you on a round-the-world-tour, you can also play music via an iPod, MP3 player, the car’s own optional six-disc CD changer or even an SD card. The Naim™ for Bentley system, incorporating ten custom-built speakers and eight individual DSP modes, is available as an option for the ultimate in audiophile experiences on the move. Visit our Music Compatibility page to see more

Bentley Continental GT Convertible, naim audio

Naim for Bentley

The Naim for  Bentley system, incorporating custom-built speakers and eight individual DSP modes, is available as an option, turning the cockpit of a Bentley Continental into the equal of any concert venue in the world.