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The new Continental Range

The Bentley Continental GT was conceived, designed and built for that rare breed of person who refuses to let a single experience pass them by. It is everything a Grand Tourer should be, embodying a unique blend of exquisite style, craftsmanship and exhilaration. Available as a Coupé or Convertible, it is at the same time both powerful and sophisticated. The interior and exterior design create a sense of luxury that, combined with a remarkable driving experience, make it unlike any other car.

The range is made up of the full-blooded GT, the supreme GT Speed, the luxurious V8 and agile V8 S. All available in a choice of coupé or convertible. And to complete the range, we have introduced the ultimate in performance, the new Continental Supersports. Every model is available in a choice of Coupé or Convertible.

Bentley Continental. The luxury of spontaneity.