Bentley Bentayga Diesel, Montenegro

New Bentayga Diesel

Introducing Bentley’s First Ever Diesel
Our engineers have turned accepted wisdom around diesel engines on its head with the creation of the new Bentley Bentayga V8 diesel engine. As you would expect, it is every inch a Bentley engine, with all the familiar driving and performance characteristics that have been established and embedded over many years. Much as we began designing Bentayga with a clean sheet, we have approached our first diesel engine with the same attitude.

Go far beyond the ordinary
Not only is this Bentley’s first diesel engine, it is also the world’s finest, delivering class-leading drivability, response, refinement, and practicality. Powered by a new 4.0 litre, 8-cylinder diesel engine it has clean technology and engineering innovation at its core. Featuring an extended range of over 1,000km, Bentley Bentayga Diesel is also triple-charged (two turbos, one electric powered compressor) which delivers a far quicker, more dynamic response than conventional turbochargers would, especially at the lower engine speed range. Whether you’re gliding past traffic on a winding tarmac road or negotiating landscapes where there is no road, Bentayga Diesel performs with effortless grace and elegance.

Configured for every occasion
The new Bentayga Diesel also features a seven seat configuration option. This addition to the choices available makes it the only luxury diesel SUV with four, five and seven seat configurations in one body style. Wherever you decide to go, whatever adventures you decide to have, Bentayga can take you there.

What will Bentayga reveal to you?
Bentayga Diesel offers a consummate balance between luxury, performance and practicality.
The further you travel in it and the more of the world you see, the more you realise that Bentayga Diesel is an SUV unlike any other.

*Note: Bentayga Diesel is only available in Australia, Europe, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa, Taiwan and the United Kingdom.