Bentley and Electrification: The Journey Starts Here

Bentayga Hybrid was launched in 2018 – and with it, the first step on Bentley’s journey into a new world of electric vehicles.

This was the beginning of something truly exciting for Bentley. The moment when the company takes its leadership in the crafting of luxury cars and extends it into the production of truly groundbreaking electric hybrid SUVs.

Read more about the first generation Bentayga Hybrid here.

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Since Bentley’s earliest days, the company has existed to create extraordinary cars for extraordinary customers. Vehicles that enable the world’s most discerning drivers to live truly incredible lives.

Today, the world is changing fast – and the expectations of those drivers are changing, too.

Rather than thinking only about the car itself, they look more carefully at the experience it can offer. Lifestyle matters more now than ever. In a busy world, people value quality time.

For Bentley, this has meant looking at the electric car in a new light and focusing on exactly what electric motor efficiency can deliver for the luxury world: effortless power and lightning-fast acceleration, coupled with the serenity of near-silent travel. This will be an era of uncompromising performance and unprecedented automotive luxury. One inspired by the same aims that have always driven the team at Bentley.

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Bentley is not the first luxury car maker to talk about electric motor efficiency. Many have outlined their visions for the future; some even built concept cars. Yet only Bentley has launched a production vehicle for the luxury sector: Bentayga Hybrid.

Designed for serene urban driving as well as exhilarating cruising on the open road, it is a truly progressive Bentley. As many of the world’s major cities outline plans to restrict access for cars without electric drivetrains, Bentayga Hybrid represents the start of a journey that gathers pace by the day.

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Man looking at phone on a balcony with Bentayga Hybrid in the background


Technology – and its potential to improve our lives – lies at the heart of Bentayga Hybrid.

It is built around a suite of Connected Car services, with intelligent navigation services. For example, that automatically select the most efficient driving mode throughout your journey. Just input your destination into Bentayga Hybrid’s satellite navigation and the car will automatically engage the right mode. So if you’re going to drive through a town or city towards the end of your journey, it will ensure enough battery is left for you to drive on electric power only for that leg.

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Starting up automatically in EV Drive, Bentayga Hybrid’s emissions are precisely zero at low speeds. While the near-silent in-cabin environment takes urban driving to new heights of luxury. On the open road, however, it remains every inch a Bentley.
Its Plug-in Hybrid fusion of a 3.0 litre V6 petrol engine and electric motor is incredibly powerful, producing low CO2 emissions of just 75g/km (NEDC). While its battery can be recharged in 2.5 hours, delivering an impressive electric only range of over 50km (NEDC).

On the outside, Bentayga Hybrid is enhanced by the addition of subtle new copper badging, a nod to the technology within. And inside, the craftsmanship you expect from Bentley is on display wherever you look. The upper cabin is trimmed in Eliade – a new technical fabric that contrasts with the hand-stitched leather adorning the rest of the interior – all encircled by a ring of handcrafted wooden veneer.

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Bentayga Hybrid front cabin interior showing leather and veneer

What Next?

Bentayga Hybrid is the first step on an extraordinary journey into the new electric SUV future. Its unveiling is a pivotal moment in Bentley’s story, and there’s much more to come.

The Bentley EXP 100 GT provides an intriguing glimpse of what’s over the horizon. This all-electric concept car seamlessly blends technology and craftsmanship to define the Extraordinary Journeys of tomorrow.

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