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Customer Mobile Applications

A world of extraordinary opportunities only Bentley can offer.

Advances in mobile technology are driving the needs and expectations of customers today and of the future, Bentley’s mobile applications are designed to elevate the Bentley ownership experience to another level.

Whether it is an app that provides access to exclusive products and services, or to personalise your in-car experience the Bentley app family has it covered.

Bentley has always had an eye on the future – our apps are no exception. Read below about the apps we currently offer for Bentley owners.  You can download the apps that suit you from the applicable App store. 

Check back on this page regularly to see new apps and services as they become available. Alternatively, reach out to your Bentley dealer with any other questions about our apps. 


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The Bentley Network

Driver's Guide App

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New for Continental GT

Now available for the Continental GT, Bentley owners can download the Driver's Guide App, which will allow them to access their Owner's Manual from their iPhone. The following features make it easier for owners to understand the features of the new Continental GT:

  • Topics are brought to life via interactive hotspots that, when tapped, show more information or imagery.    
  • A 'Useful Tips' section highlights common questions and topics, and has been developed in consultation with our owners.
  • Easy Navigation and search functionality - allowing you to find exactly the topics you want to read, far more efficient and effortless than a printed manual
  • Aftersales information at your fingertips

Currently, the Continental GT Driver's App is available in English for iPhone 6, using iOS 10 or iOS 11. It is only available for the new Continental GT, and is currently limited to UK owners.  

Further regions and languages will be added soon, so please check back here for further availability.  

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My Bentley

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Personalised Infotainment and navigation

This app permits owners to set destinations in the Bentley Navigation system through native phone functionality; Online Search, Contacts, Calendar, Pictures.  

  • Regardless of whether you’re searching for a hotel, restaurant, or florist, the My Bentley App will help you get there with its Online Search feature, powered by Google™.
  • You can find your destination in advance, share it with your vehicle and set it as your destination in the Bentley Navigation system.
  • Even Contacts within your phone book with accompanying address information can be used as destination points. It has never been easier to set a destination and let your Bentley navigate you to your family and friends.
  • The Calendar function will allow you to access appointments available in your phone and navigate to your next appointment. Share it with your vehicle, set it as your destination and let the Bentley Navigation direct you.
  • With Pictures you don’t even need an address to navigate to your favourite places. Just select any location-enabled photo from your existing gallery, or take a new photo and share it with your car. Once you’re in your vehicle, you can browse and navigate to where your photos were taken.
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Touch Screen Remote

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keep in touch and stay entertained

Bentayga passengers, front and back, have the luxury of controlling a selection of in-car systems from their mobile devices and now their Apple Watch through the Touch Screen Remote App.

The bespoke technology enables those being driven to remotely control the on-board climate and entertainment systems; adjust the position, heating, ventilation and massage functions of their seats; and monitor real-time information, such as vehicle speed, distance travelled and outside temperature.

Now Apple Watch wearers can simply access the Touch Screen Remote (TSR) App controls from the convenience of their wrist.

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Smart Remote

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Mulsanne Rear cabin Infotainment control

Mulsanne passengers are now can now access infotainment functionality and selected navigation information through the Bentley Smart Remote App.

Passengers in the rear cabin are now able to have full control of the Infotainment features as if they were sitting up front, adjust the media source, skipping tracks and adjusting sound settings; and monitor navigation information, such as time to destination.

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The Bentley AR Visualiser

EWB AR App image 1920x670.jpg

Bentley AR Visualiser App

The new Bentayga EWB Azure is a true ultra-luxury SUV, where elegant, inspiring craftsmanship meets technology that elevates the wellbeing of both driver and passengers alike.

To celebrate the arrival of this inspiring car, we have created this AR Visualiser app to allow you to experience the new Bentayga EWB Azure in the real world, anywhere, anytime.

• Explore the new car’s exterior and interior in intricate detail, with hotspots to find out more.

• Experience the car anywhere, from your driveway to your favourite viewpoint.

• Snap to certain in-car positions.

• Compare the car to a standard wheelbase Bentayga.

• Take the car for an augmented reality test drive.

• Build your new Bentayga EWB Azure by continuing to the Bentley Car Configurator or find your local Bentley dealer.

Take a closer look and discover your sanctuary.

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