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Factory Visits and the Bentley Experience

Bentley offers customers a unique opportunity to experience the heart of Bentley, visiting the factory and the brand’s flagship CW1 House either in person or virtually. Guests have the opportunity to meet the skilled craftspeople who make our beautiful cars and learn about our latest innovations and our drive to a sustainable future.

Whether guests are in the early stage of considering a Bentley or already a proud owner, our factory experiences are delivered by our expert hosts and are highly personalised to each individual.

To book an in person or virtual experience,  please contact your local Bentley dealer.

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All of our General Interest tours are currently booked.   Please check back on our website for further updates about tour availability.  

Tour Information

A visit to our world-famous production facilities based in Crewe, Cheshire is an experience that is normally reserved exclusively for Bentley customers. However, for a limited time, we are opening our doors and offering the opportunity to motoring enthusiasts.

Places are strictly limited and pre-booking is essential.

Your experience will begin at CW1 House Showroom, where you will be met by one of our experienced customer hosts. You will then be shown into the Lineage Exhibition which showcases some of our most historic and iconic pre-war cars. Following a short walk, your next stop will be the viewing of the Bentley production hall where you will have the opportunity to experience first-hand the meticulous handcrafting skills that have produced cars with unrivalled beauty and individuality for over a century.

Your tour will last approximately 2 hours.

Ticket Price: £40 per person, payable by card only, on the day of your visit.
Refreshments are available to purchase from our coffee bar.

We regret that children under the age of 14 years cannot participate in the tours.

Google Maps link for CW1 House:  https://maps.app.goo.gl/apomr5xP4NFpjeXL8

Terms and conditions
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For both prospective and existing customers unable to visit the factory in person, we offer an immersive, 360 degree virtual experience, giving you the freedom to explore our world-famous facilities. Start your journey at CW1 House, our flagship home in Crewe, to meet the team and explore Bentley’s lineage. Guided by a Bentley Host, customers can enjoy an exclusive behind-the-scenes experience of the factory, where every journey will be curated for you.

Throughout the virtual tour, you will be able to see first-hand the craftsmanship that goes into every Bentley. Additionally, you can meet the team who help build your car and learn about the innovations and techniques they’re using to craft a sustainable vision of the future.

With a two-way dialogue with Bentley throughout, we are able to answer any questions directly, making our tours a highly engaging and interactive experience.
Enquire about a Virtual Experience at your local Bentley retailer.

Enquire about a Virtual Experience at your local Bentley dealer.

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CW1 House

CW1 House offers a warm welcome to all visitors to Crewe. Our beautiful space showcases the latest Bentley model range, a dedicated personalisation area as well as a bespoke Mulliner room. We encourage guests to spend time browsing the Bentley collection boutique as well as immersing themselves in our Lineage Museum where customers can learn about the heritage of Bentley (prior booking required – please contact your nearest Bentley dealer to book.).

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Experience exactly what Bentley craftsmanship means by creating and commissioning your own Bentley in person here at the factory. Taking inspiration from the many options you see during your tour and getting to know those who will build your own car by hand, our expert hosts will help tailor your car to your tastes and interests in our dedicated commissioning area. We also offer a bespoke Mulliner commissioning area for you to custom-create your car exactly how you wish to the very last detail.

For more information on this exclusive Bentley Experience, contact your local Bentley dealer.

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After placing your order, we know the wait for your car to be custom built and delivered can be hard. We therefore invite you to come and take part in the final processes and quality checks in our state of the art ‘Excellence Centre for Vehicle Finish’ at the heart of the factory. Customers will be given a personalised tour of the factory and finish at our Check Point 8 area where they can personally complete the vehicle production process and spend some time with their car prior to shipping. Our hosts will be on hand to immerse you in your product, take some photos of you and your car and answer any questions you may have.

For more information on this exclusive Bentley Experience, please contact your local Bentley dealer.

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