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Bentley and The Macallan: a sustainability journey


At Bentley, our commitment to sustainable craftsmanship extends far beyond the walls of the factory. It can be seen in everything we do – and that includes our selection of brand partners. Take The Macallan, who have been making whisky on their stunning Speyside estate for nearly 200 years, with an uncompromising focus on excellence. Like Bentley, The Macallan is committed to a sustainable future.

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As master whisky makers, The Macallan have spent almost 200 years creating peerless single malts. Just like Bentley, they have built a global reputation on an unwavering commitment to hand craftsmanship.

The unique character of The Macallan’s whisky comes in large part from the casks in which it matures. Sourced, crafted, toasted and seasoned by The Macallan’s team, the hand-picked casks contribute up to 80% of the final flavour. It is all part of an approach that has made The Macallan a leader in the world of luxury Scotch whisky – and a committed exponent of traditional crafts.

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Bentley and The Macallan share many of the same approaches to creating their products. Yet crucial to the success of luxury brands today is the ability to innovate sustainably. That’s why, alongside this focus on craft and natural materials, both brands are on a shared journey towards a more sustainable world.

At The Macallan, the team are guided in their efforts by a number of key principles. They include the protection of The Macallan Estate and its location, Easter Elchies, for future generations. They cover responsible packaging, working with sustainable suppliers and creating an environmentally friendly whisky-making process. And throughout, the brand is focused on supporting local communities. The Macallan’s progress against these principles has earned them the prestigious Butterfly Mark from Positive Luxury.

Here at Bentley, meanwhile, our Beyond100 strategy builds on efforts to become carbon neutral that began back in 1999. It has now seen two of our three production models made available as hybrids, as we progress towards our first fully electric car in 2025. By 2030, every car we make will be electric.

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While we move ahead with the electrification of our vehicles, The Macallan is switching to electric vehicles for use on its estate. In parallel, we will work with them on the journey to carbon neutrality and the sourcing of sustainable materials. As our efforts gather pace, we will reveal collaborative new products and customer experiences, balancing timeless luxury with a commitment to a more progressive world. Together, Bentley and The Macallan will lead the way for luxury brands.

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