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Get ready to celebrate the power of a truly illustrious engine. The 4.0 litre, twin-turbocharged V8 combustion engine that powers the Continental GT, Continental GTC and Flying Spur occupies a unique position in Bentley history. To honour its legendary status, three incredible new V8-powered editions have been created: the Continental GT Edition 8, the Continental GTC Edition 8 and the Flying Spur Edition 8. Unlike any other production Bentleys, the Edition 8 cars bring together an unprecedented combination of features and exquisite finishes.

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A unique V8 Vision

The unique status of each car is conveyed by its Edition 8 exterior badge, situated on the D-pillar of the Flying Spur Edition 8, and on the fenders of both the Continental GT Edition 8 and the convertible Continental GTC Edition 8.


All cars feature a choice of 22” wheels, each of which is supplied with a self-levelling Bentley ‘B’ wheel badge at its centre. You can choose any exterior colour from Bentley’s Extended Paint Range, giving you more than 60 colours to choose from – and every car features the Blackline Specification as standard, which turns virtually all the chrome detailing black, for a darker, more purposeful look. For those who prefer a brighter exterior, however, gleaming chrome remains an option.

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A truly incredible interior

As you settle into the cabin, you will no doubt notice the unique Edition 8 inner treadplates in stainless steel. What awaits you inside is a cabin unlike any other.


Normally only available via the bespoke commissioning service offered by Bentley’s Mulliner department, the Mulliner Palm Fluting on the leather upholstery lends the entire space a heightened sense of design flair. This unique quilting pattern has not been offered as standard in any production Bentley before now. Each seat is embroidered with the ‘Edition 8’ emblem, making the status of your car clear to everyone fortunate enough to step inside. The Colour Specification allows you to choose from Bentley’s entire range of hide and stitching colours, to make your car personal to you, while Contrast Stitching is also available as standard, for an eye-catching flash of extra colour.


In the centre of the dashboard sits the stunning Bentley Rotating Display. Normally only installed as standard on Bentley’s prestigious Mulliner models, it allows you to choose between three very different instrumentation styles – a touchscreen that offers full access to the car’s infotainment system, a set of three exquisite analogue dials or a panel of uninterrupted veneer. The Front Seat Comfort Specification, meanwhile, uses innovative technology to deliver the ultimate in seating comfort, no matter how far you drive.

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A thrilling driving experience

Throughout its lifetime, the engine itself has delivered an exhilarating experience for Bentley drivers, the world over. It delivers 542 bhp, which translates into acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds for the Continental GT Edition 8 and 4.0 seconds for both the Continental GTC Edition 8 and the Flying Spur Edition 8. Put any of these cars into Sport mode and you will hear the unmistakable roar of a V8 engine unleashed. Bentley has always been about more than raw power, however. A suite of advanced chassis systems work to enhance each car’s handling, ensuring it feels controlled and composed at all times.