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Customised By You


The surest way to make your car unique is to emblazon it with a personal name or emblem. With Mulliner, this could take the form of wording, imagery, or both, offering you numerous opportunities to personalise aspects of your car, from the upholstery to the exterior lighting.

Mulliner bespoke personalisation is available to you whenever you commission a new Bentley. To learn more about the commissioning process, please talk to your dealer today.

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The upholstery you select for your car’s interior can be adorned with virtually any name, signature, crest, logo or other motif, in the form of bespoke embroidery. It can be applied to the seatbacks, just below the headrest, or on the headrest itself, dependent on the model, for maximum visibility from inside or outside the car. You can choose from a wide range of thread colours, or provide your own colour sample for Mulliner to match.



As well as personalisation of the inner treadplates, a standard Bentley option, you can enlist the services of the Mulliner team to add a logo, image or text to the treadplate plaques, in any combination. The result is a subtle example of personalisation, revealed only on opening the doors to enter or exit your car.

The process is simple: you provide your Bentley dealer with your wording or images, for Mulliner to match. Where imagery is involved, Mulliner will send you a proof of the design for confirmation before proceeding.

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When you step inside any Bentley bespoke cabin, the handcrafted veneers are likely to strike you as some of the most eye-catching parts of the car. Their beauty can be enhanced however, with the addition of a polished chrome overlay to the fascia on the passenger side, offering a reflective contrast with the tone and texture of your chosen veneer. Overlaying your own personal emblem or text can take this effect one step further, making this option one of the most effective ways to personalise your car.

Mulliner is able to apply the overlays to the surface of the veneer in a chrome finish, which is then lacquered. While the approach works well with all high-gloss woods, it tends to be most successful when applied to a darker wood, due to the higher contrast and resulting visibility.

Please note that personalised chrome overlays are not available on open pore wood, stone veneers or technical finishes.


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Not every example of Mulliner personalisation is as obvious as an inscription or embroidered emblem. With Bentley Mulliner Personalised Welcome Lamps, you can see your name, image or emblem projected onto the ground in the dark, whenever you open the door of your car. By lighting your way before you set foot on the ground outside, these lamps prove that luxurious products can also be practical. Consider it a truly wonderful way to be greeted by your car at night.

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In a recent limited series of cars including a Continental GT, a Flying Spur and a Bentayga, Mulliner equipped the cars with personalised tread plates, embroidery and fascia overlays that celebrate the Manhattan Skyline. The exterior styling spec includes a pinstripe in silver. On the interior the silver accent continues on the seats, headrests and diamond stitching.

The Manhattan Skyline Collection is just one recent example of a Mulliner Regional Collection. Created to demonstrate the impact of Mulliner’s bespoke craftsmanship these limited series are inspired by the geography and culture of different parts of the world. To learn more, please click 'Discover More'.