Bentley Batur by Mulliner


The stunning successor to the Bentley Bacalar by Mulliner is a super-powerful, two-seat grand tourer that only Mulliner could create. Like its predecessor, the car is named after a beautiful body of water – in this case Lake Batur, a 16 km2 crater lake in Kintamani on the island of Bali, Indonesia. Already sold out, the Bentley Batur* offers a preview of the styling, features and materials that will define Bentley in the years to come.

*Model shown is in a pre-production state


Limited to a production run of just 18 cars, the Batur is the latest coachbuilt vehicle to be created by Mulliner. While the roofless Bacalar features a barchetta-style body, offering an elemental, open-air driving experience, the Batur is a sleek hard-top coupé, characterised by a new, minimalist design language that will define the Bentley style in the forthcoming electric car era.

The incredible performance of the Batur, however, is driven by much more than its rapier-like silhouette. Beneath its gleaming bonnet lies the most powerful expression ever of the 6.0 litre, twin-turbocharged Bentley W12 engine. As the age of the petrol-powered grand tourer nears its conclusion, the Batur stands as an incredible celebration of this iconic powertrain.

Like every coachbuilt car Mulliner creates, the Batur offers a level of luxury that only Mulliner can achieve, thanks to a veritable showcase of cutting-edge techniques and materials. In short, the Batur is more than just a car. It is a thrilling vision of Bentley’s future.

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The engine in the Bentley Batur goes beyond powerful. As the latest and greatest incarnation of Bentley’s trademark W12, it has been exclusively up-rated, to deliver a power output in the region of 740PS. For the driver, this will mean a thrilling drive that pushes beyond even the extreme performance achieved by the Bacalar.

As the engine enters its twilight years as part of Bentley’s Beyond100 transformation journey towards all new vehicles becoming fully electrified, the Batur forms the first part of a celebration of the W12’s extraordinary power, torque and refinement. Equipped with digital chassis technology that has been honed to perfection on the Continental GT Speed, the engine performance will be matched with Speed-tuned air suspension, electric active anti-roll control, eLSD, four-wheel steering and torque vectoring.

The first Batur has now been built, as an engineering project, named Car Zero, according to Mulliner’s standard coachbuilding conventions. Car Zero has been pushed to its limits both on the test track and the road, where it has already completed an extensive 2,500 kilometre drive across Europe to simulate real world conditions.

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The launch of the Batur is a pivotal moment, not just for Mulliner but for the story of Bentley design. That’s because it has been designed to reflect the future of Bentley’s design vision, offering a sleeker, more minimal and more focused interpretation of automotive luxury.

In practice, that means that the apertures for the front and rear LED lights are narrower and more sharply defined. The grille is characterised by a more angular, technical design, with contrast-painted three-dimensional elements adding visual depth. It’s not just about the fine details, however. An elegant, elongated bonnet makes the car appear as if it is sitting on its rear axle – an effect that serves to emphasise its muscular haunches and wide track. An unmistakable mark of power and prestige, the long bonnet culminates in a more upright, confident interpretation of the famous Bentley grille. Taken together, these features result in a truly stunning new shape. The Batur is a remarkable example of form following function – because it is a car built exclusively to excite.

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The way luxury cars are created is set to change significantly in the coming years – especially when it comes to the materials used in their construction. The Batur shows how Bentley will lead the way in this brave new world, with a wealth of truly innovative features and finishes.

High-performance composites made from flax offer a sustainable alternative to carbon fibre – strong and light yet with a much lower environmental footprint. Sustainably produced leathers are also available as an option exclusive to the Batur, using techniques that involve much less water and aldehyde than traditional tanning, as are carpets crafted from recycled yarn. Leather-like textiles made from by-products of the coffee roasting process are also used in the car.


Naim for Mulliner

The most exquisite in-car audio system ever created, the ‘Naim for Mulliner’ option is the result of 10,000 hours of development work, exceptional new hardware and a complete system recalibration. With a partnership spanning over 15 years, the ‘Naim for Bentley’ system was a solid foundation to start further development. Collaborating with Naim and Focal, over 56 requirements and recommendations were identified for the 20 speaker system planned for the Batur. The output is the result of 10,000 hours of innovation developments inherited from both brands and combined to produce the pinnacle of in-car audio – ‘Naim for Mulliner’.


As Exquisite as it is Exclusive

Innovative combinations of precision additive manufacturing (often referred to as 3D printing) and premium or precious metals offer new opportunities to create something unique, from the bespoke titanium exhaust finishers to the optional 18-carat gold interior detailing – which comes complete with a hallmark to validate its authenticity.

Like virtually every aspect of this incredible car, there are opportunities for detailing and personalisation unlike those available for any other Bentley before it. High-gloss, laser-etched veneers, available in the unique W12 engine ‘soundwave’ design, allow customers to commission unique finishes on a choice of high-gloss materials that includes lacquered or painted woods, carbon fibre and the Batur’s new flax-based natural fibre.

The entire journey of commissioning a Batur* is unique to Mulliner. The extremely low volumes involved mean that customers can collaborate directly with a Mulliner designer, resulting in a car with a specification unlike any other – a singular reflection of their tastes. For further information, or to express an interest in the next coachbuilt Mulliner car, please contact your chosen Bentley retailer – or alternatively call Bentley directly on +44 (0) 1270 653 653.
*Model shown is in a pre-production state