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Bentley's The Macallan Horizon, limited edition single malt whisky bottle, featuring wooden capsule with Copper trim.

The Macallan

Dark burr walnut veneer featured in Bentley
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A tale of two brands

At Bentley, our commitment to craftsmanship extends far beyond the walls of the factory. It can be seen in everything we do – and that includes our selection of brand partners, such as renowned master whisky makers, The Macallan. Our partnership began in 2021, seeking to create products and experiences that celebrate the shared values between our two brands – and the first prototype to emerge from this union is The Macallan Horizon. An expertly crafted, limited-edition single-malt whisky, presented in a breath-taking, innovative horizontal bottle, The Macallan Horizon encapsulates both brands' rich heritage and our shared vision of the future.

Crafted without compromise. Please savour The Macallan responsibly. Don’t drink and drive.

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Bentley Macallan Horizons bottle featuring diamond knurled aluminium screw cap and spiral of aluminum casing.

The Macallan Horizon is here

Since 2021, Bentley has been working with The Macallan on a collaboration that celebrates the shared values between our two storied brands. Now, we are proud to introduce The Macallan Horizon.


Combining expertise from the worlds of exceptional single malt whisky and extraordinary automotive design, The Macallan Horizon comprises both a unique  whisky and vessel. Available now as a limited edition, The Macallan Horizon encapsulates the rich heritage of both brands.

Dark burr walnut veneer featured in Bentley
The Macallan Horizon bottle with 180 degrees twist featuring brushed aluminium casing enclosing wood.

A unique perspective

Rather than traditional vertically oriented bottles, The Macallan Horizon features a vessel that is horizontal in format – much like the cars that inspired its unique form.   Its 180-degree twisting outer layer, meanwhile, is a symbol not only of the two brands’ commitment to artisan craftsmanship, but also of their shared journey into the future.


Look closer and you will begin to appreciate the attention to detail. The sculpture and vessel sit on a plinth that has been handcrafted using oak from The Macallan’s casks, and then carefully lined with chestnut-coloured leather. At one end of the vessel lies the closure: a cap inspired by the design of the rotary Drive Dynamics Control knob used to select the driving mode in every modern Bentley. 

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The Macallan Horizon bottle with 180 degrees twist featuring brushed aluminium casing enclosing wood.

Six stunning materials

Inspired by The Macallan’s ‘Six Pillars’ foundation stones, The Macallan Horizon brings together six materials: glass, leather, wood, copper, aluminium and the whisky itself. Many of them are used extensively by both brands. Here, however, they have been used in innovative new ways, to create something truly unique.


The choice of materials can also be seen as a demonstration of both brands’ commitment to sustainability. The sculpture that surrounds the vessel is finished with Bentley’s sustainably sourced Crown Cut Walnut veneer, while its copper frame includes material repurposed from copper stills previously used by The Macallan, prior to the opening of its new distillery in 2019. The sculpture is lined with carbon-neutral leather, completing the picture. 

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Close up view Beluga hide featured in Bentley

An object of beauty

An extraordinary glass vessel
Lined with low-carbon leather
A twisting aluminium ribbon
The warm gleam of copper
A stunning oak inlay

The Macallan Horizon is presented in a unique glass vessel, which, unlike that of any other whisky, is designed to be displayed horizontally. The use of glass evokes the experience of driving a Bentley, where extreme performance and exquisite luxury are illuminated by light filtered through glass.  

The twisting structure that encases the glass vessel is lined with the finest low-carbon leather, finished in a rich chestnut brown. The use of leather has been fundamental to Bentley’s interior design throughout its history. 

The aluminium structure that encases the vessel bears a deliberate resemblance to a twisting, shimmering ribbon. A reference to the sculptural bodywork of Bentley cars, the aluminium has been precision-engineered to deliver the same strength, versatility and stunning visual impact of the cars.

A precision-engineered, recycled copper frame surrounds the aluminium ribbon. Some of the copper used in its creation was sourced from stills previously used by The Macallan, before the brand’s new distillery was unveiled in 2019. ​

The top of the vessel’s closure features a decorative oak inlay, made from one of the six casks in which The Macallan Horizon whisky was matured. The sculpture itself is finished with Bentley’s Crown Cut Walnut veneer, a wood sourced sustainably and crafted by hand for inclusion in many Bentley cars.

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The Macallan Horizon bottle with 180 degrees twist featuring brushed aluminium casing enclosing wood, placed under lightning

A truly rare whisky

The Macallan Horizon is a sophisticated, bold and, above all, rare single malt whisky. By combining the whisky in each of the six casks, the master distillers at The Macallan have been able to ensure it achieves the perfect balance of flavours. Rich dried fruit and spice notes are balanced with aromas evocative of oak and leather, while a sustained finish mirrors the timeless quality of Bentley design. In a further nod to the Six Pillars, the whisky’s alcohol content by volume (ABV) is precisely 46.6%.

Diamond milled veneer - tinted textured view.
Bottom half of The Macallan Horizon bottle with 180 degrees twist featuring brushed aluminium casing enclosing wood, placed under lightning

Available in limited numbers

Due to the techniques and materials involved in its creation, The Macallan Horizon is available in strictly limited numbers. Enquiries can be made at The Macallan Estate Boutique and the brand’s global network of retail boutiques, as well as selected premium off-trade retailers. The vessel has been created in just one size: 70cl. 

Experience it for yourself

Experience the sustainability-driven values that our brands share by joining one of our partnership drives. There are two to choose from: 

Bentley Extraordinary Journey UK: from the Home of Bentley in Crewe to the Macallan Estate via breathtaking locations over 5 days. 

Macallan Bentley driving experience: a 1.5 day experience starting at the Macallan with a tour of the distillery, followed by a chauffeur-driven guided tour of Speyside - in a Bentley of course.