Bentley returns to motorsport with the Continental GT3

 In September 2012, the Continental GT3 race car was unveiled. At that point, it was still a concept car.
Since then, a team of Bentley engineers has been working behind closed doors, making the concept a reality. The result is a racing Bentley GT3 – the first Bentley racer for a decade.

There’s no room for luxury on the racetrack
Powered by a 4.0 litre V8 engine, the GT3 takes the essence of the iconic Continental GT and pushes it to the limit. More than 1000 kg of weight has been eliminated, by removing the equipment and parts that make the road-going Continental such a luxurious grand tourer. Double glazing, veneer and leather trim, over fifty ECUs and extensive electrical systems – all have gone in the relentless pursuit of speed.

Built for speed: the specifications of the GT3
In tandem with Bentley’s technical partner, M-Sport Ltd, the Bentley GT3 team have made numerous radical changes to bring the Continental to the track, including:
• A race-configured version of Bentley’s highly efficient 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine
• A six-speed sequential racing gearbox
• Double wishbone suspension
• Four-way adjustable dampers
• Competition brakes

Designed to race
The GT3 retains the iconic silhouette of the Continental GT: in fact, the main body shell is almost a direct carryover. Doors, boot lid and bonnet are now hand-crafted in carbon fibre, while the bodyshell features a double-strength FIA-specification roll cage.

Born to win
The GT3 team is led by Bentley’s Director of Motorsport, Brian Gush – the man in charge when the iconic Bentley Speed 8 won at Le Mans in 2003. Under his guidance, the GT3 will soon undergo its final tests, prior to a full track debut. Once again, Bentley is poised to restore a racing reputation that has remained at the heart of the brand since its birth.

Racing ahead
The Continental GT3 is now competing in the FIA Blancpain Series in Europe and the Pirelli World Challenge in North America  in 2014 .


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