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Bentayga SUV

The Bentley Bentayga is almost here. And it’s time to see the SUV through new eyes.

The most exclusive sports utility vehicle in the world, the Bentayga will astonish all who experience it - both with its striking appearance and its boundless capability. It brings unparalleled levels of luxury and performance to the sector. Redefining it, reshaping it and inviting a complete re-appraisal.

The Bentayga is quite simply the most technologically advanced Bentley ever produced. Its all-new, high-efficiency 12 cylinder engine offers the best power, torque and economy combination of any car in its class and will make the Bentayga the fastest production SUV on the planet.

World-leading design, craftsmanship, technology and performance: together, they will propel the Bentayga far beyond the limits of today’s SUVs.

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 to watch the new "A new level of Performance" film.