Bentley Continental GT V8 S, detailed specification

Engine Technology

The Continental GT V8 S is remarkably efficient, due in no small part to the use of variable displacement. At less aggressive throttle openings, the engine switches off four of its eight cylinders, so they only act as gas springs. This delivers two benefits: the four operative cylinders are more efficient, while frictional and gas transfer losses throughout the engine are greatly reduced.

As soon as the car accelerates, the other four cylinders switch back on, giving more power the moment it is needed. Switchable hydraulic engine mounts change to a ‘soft’ state while the car is idling to improve isolation from vibration, yet instantly switch back to a ‘hard’ state when the car is driven more dynamically to reduce roll and improve performance.

CGT Studio interior Close up of Satnav/MMI-screen

Infotainment System

The Continental GT V8 S is a 21st Century Grand Tourer. The 8” touch screen in the centre console controls an integrated information and entertainment system. A 30 GB hard drive provides quick access to mapping data and the option of landscape imagery*, alongside live traffic data and online access for point-of-interest searches.   

To learn more about the compatibility of your devices with your Bentley visit our Music Compatibility Guide.



Bluetooth connectivity

The new Continental GT V8 S has telephone control with Bluetooth wireless connectivity as standard and WiFi as an option for optimum in-car connectivity.

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Naim™ for Bentley

The Naim™ for Bentley Premium Audio System was designed with the aim of delivering the best in-car audio in the world. Each of the 11 Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR®) speakers combine the functions of a separate tweeter and mid-range speaker in one unit. Sited all around the cabin, they make it possible to direct the sound with great accuracy, while providing greater clarity across the whole audible spectrum. The result is incredible sound, anywhere in the car.

Naim™ is available as an individual cost option or as part of the Premier Specification. Visit our Bentley Configurator to explore more.