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Bentley historic "Blue Train" on display in Paris

Bentley Motors is delighted to announce that the "Blue Train", the legendary historic Speed Six Bentley, will celebrate the start of its 85th anniversary with an exclusive first appearance at the Rétromobile Exhibition this week in Paris.

In 1930, Captain Woolf Barnato, Chairman of Bentley Motors, and also a true “Bentley Boy” having entered and won the Le Mans 24 hours three times, accepted a wager that he could not only beat the Blue Train locomotive to Calais, as had been done before, but could be at his club in London before the train reached Calais.

Despite a puncture near Paris, Barnato passed the clock at Victoria Railway Station at 15.30 the next day, four minutes before the train was due to arrive in Calais, having averaged 43.43 mph driving on pre-motorway roads. 

The 1929 historic Speed Six model was created as a racing version of the Bentley 6½ Litre, introduced in 1926. The first car raced as No 1 at Le Mans in 1929 where it won, and returned as ‘Old No 1’ to win again in 1930. A total of 182 Speed Sixes were built between 1929 – 1930 with a variety of body styles and types from several coachbuilders.

Richard Charlesworth, Head of the Bentley Heritage Collection, comments: “We are most grateful to Bruce McCaw for the loan of his legendary Bentley Speed Six. There are many exciting plans for the car to mark its 85th anniversary, including a recreation of the original run from Cannes to London later in 2015.”

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