Positive Luxury Report 2018

In the year Bentley celebrates its 100th year and releases its first hybrid model, Bentley has been a case study in the 2019 Positive Luxury Predictions Report. Founded in 2011 by entrepreneurs Diana Verde Nieto and Karen Hanton MBE, Positive Luxury is a platform which inspires people to buy better and influences brands to do better via their Butterfly Mark.

Working with beauty, fashion, travel and lifestyle brands, the annual Predictions Report distils the key trends across the luxury sector and offers insights into companies who are innovating to great success.

The report identifies the emergence of a new consumer, ‘Generation Less’, and suggests ways that brands can adapt their purpose and practice to appeal to this new demographic.

“Companies cannot afford not to become more sustainable,” says Verde Nieto, CEO and founder of Positive Luxury. “The things that people buy are not just things anymore; they are part of a more complex corporate story. Climate change is a reality. Quality raw materials are harder to find. Facts and figures are increasingly called into question, so luxury brands need to focus on their values.”

To earn the Positive Luxury Butterfly Mark, brands undergo a 'holistic sustainability assessment' which includes evaluation of into its governance, social and environmental responsibility, philanthropy and innovation. 

Bentley has been a case study for the 2019 report, focuses on the environmental, social as well as economic impact of its organisation. With Bentley's craftsmanship, sustainable materials and commitment to move towards electrification, the Positive Luxury Report considered Bentley as a brand of interest to include. 

There is evidence of Bentley's commitment to sustainability and positive environmental effect not only in our manufacturing processes but also in our site itself. More than 30,000 solar panels can provide up to 40 per cent of on-site electricity, the rest is purchased from certified green sources. “By the end of 2019 we intend to have 100% certified green gas and green electricity, which is a major step towards our goal of being a carbon neutral factory,” says Sally Hepton, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility for Bentley.

The Positive Luxury Directions report covers the topics of innovation, supply chain evolution and employee experience, redefining CEOs as Chief Experience Officers. 

The report was launched on Wednesday 23rd of January and can be read in full here