Ellie Taylor

Why did you choose a graduate programme?
Upon finishing university I knew, from previous work experience, that I wanted to work in the automotive industry. However, I wasn’t sure which area I wanted to head into. This is why the graduate training programme was the perfect opportunity for me, as it could give me the chance to experience a variety of areas of the business and see what I enjoyed and where my strengths are. I could then use this experience to help give me some direction as to which area of the industry I would be best suited.

What is a typical day like?
A typical day can really vary depending on the placement you are in, and that is why the Graduate programme is so enjoyable, as you are always turning your hand to new things. Currently my typical day consists of reading emails first thing, followed by making a to-do list! I am working on a number of bigger projects at the moment, such as the Dealer Satisfaction Survey and the Dealer Application Process, so there is always work to do on those tasks each day, including meetings with various members of the business to get their input. However, there are also various smaller requests that come my way and a number of weekly reports to create and publish. Towards the end of the day I dedicate some time to the Charity project which is part of the Graduate Scheme. This is a great opportunity as it has given me the chance to develop and manage a whole project myself, meet various people around the business and manage a group of people.

Are you studying for any qualifications?
I am not currently studying for any qualifications, as I wanted to gain more experience in marketing and also sales before I choose to do a specialist qualification in the area. Once I have some more hands-on experience, I think I will be better equipped to study for a professional qualification such as the CIM qualification.

What's good about working at Bentley?
I am extremely proud to say I work at Bentley as it is a famous prestigious British company that most people have heard of. As Bentley's head office is here at Crewe you have the opportunity to work on a worldwide scale, so can gain plenty of international experience. You are also really encouraged to develop your career and have plenty of support from all around the business in order to do this.

Any tips or advice you would give to someone applying for a graduate vacancy?
The advice I would give to someone applying for a Graduate Vacancy is: try to get work experience within the automotive industry as this can really support your application, even if you don’t have a specific Sales and Marketing or Business degree. Often hands-on experience in the industry you are going into is invaluable, it demonstrates a passion for the industry and can often help you in your day-to-day role.