Production Technical Support

The Production Department has seen significant change in the last 5 years with facilities, volume increase, model launch and a large increase in headcount. To support the function in coping with these changes we have adopted lean manufacturing principles. This was done by initially benchmarking automotive manufactures including other brands within the VW Group and identifying good examples of lean implementation strategies.

Production is divided into main technology areas (over 2 production lines) as follows:

Body Assembly
Produces the body shells for the larger Arnage and Azure models, supports creation of bespoke projects and also liases with the Mosel Body Plant.

Paint Shop
Bentley has an automated paint shop, which Paints the Arnage and Azure shells and specialist colours for the GT line.

Arnage / Azure Car Assembly Line
Assembles cars and in addition to this produces sub assemblies including interior leather trim components ( Leather is one of our core competence areas along with Wood and Engine).

Bentley Mulliner
Creates Bespoke and special customer specifications and features.

Car Assembly
Continental GT, Continental Flying Spur & Continental GTC. Assembles cars and in addition produces sub assemblies including interior leather trim components.

Wood Shop
Produces all Bentley interior wood trim using the worlds finest high grade veneers, a diverse process blending technology and craftsmanship.

Engine Assembly Line
Production of both W12TT and V8 engines which go to power the worlds most exhilarating production saloons and coupes incorporating technology and core skills delivering in excess 500BHP with speeds up to 200 MPH.


  • The Arnage line operate on a standard day shift ( 4 day week)
  • The continental lines run on a 2 shift system ( days/nights  4 shifts per week)
  • Limited number of area to run over 3 shifts