Bentley Veneer Hunters

At our factory in the town of Crewe, England, Bentley creates cars of remarkable quality, thanks to the unrivalled levels of skill and craftsmanship that goes into producing every Bentley built there.

We start by finding the world’s finest materials: wood, leathers and metals. To create the handcrafted wood veneers that enhance every Bentley interior cabin, Bentley’s experts scour the globe, examining tree after tree to find the perfect veneer source.

We sent a documentary team to follow our experts responsible for this unique process – the Veneer Hunters. To discover more, you can watch the videos below.


Episode 1 - The Search

When we decided to introduce a new veneer into the Bentley range – Liquid Amber – our search took us across the Atlantic to Mississippi, where a small, dedicated team of Bentley experts were tasked with locating the most beautiful, and sustainably sourced wood on the planet.

In episode one of The Veneer Hunters, you can see them in action, on a search that took them deep into the Mississippi wetlands, where the unique conditions enable trees with a truly stunning grain to thrive.

Play the video to watch the first episode. 


Episode 2 - The Find

Bentley’s team of Veneer Hunters explored thousands of possibilities before their search lead them to the American Red Gum tree. Native to the Mississippi wetlands, it is renowned for its intense red-brown hues and deep luster. The grain is so striking that, once it has been sanded and lacquered, the veneer is known as Liquid Amber. Watch episode two to see why by playing the video. 


Episode 3 - The Craft

The wood then makes the long journey from the Mississippi wetlands to the Bentley factory in Crewe, England. Here, generations of craftsmen and women employ time-honored techniques to the world’s finest materials. Within Bentley’s in-house woodshop, raw leaves of veneer undergo a meticulous ten-stage process. The result of which are truly stunning veneers, with a unique set ready to grace the interior of every Bentley we produce. Watch episode three to see more of the process.

To discover more of the skills and craftsmanship that go into producing every Bentley we make, visit our Craftsmanship on BentleyMotors.com page.

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