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Laci Jordan

Laci Jordan believes you can't create anything without creating a story behind it. So, this Los Angeles-based designer, illustrator, and creative director manifests her work under the guiding conceptual theme of “Everyday Life,” generating authentic portrayals of culture, with subjects ranging from women of color to her favorite sneakers. Laci is widely known for her the “no-filter” tone in her work, delivering an unapologetic interpretation of the world as we know it.

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“When I drove the new Bentayga, one of the things that struck me was the fluidity of the ride…it really puts you at ease. Aesthetically, this feeling is revealed through one of my favorite elements of the new Bentayga's design - the straight lines that move effortlessly within the interior and exterior of the car. There is a story of movement and grace throughout every element, and it brings you on this journey of flow.”

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“I discovered my artistic talent through my mom as an inspiration [she features often in Laci’s work], and also just by being curious, so I dove in. Some of my biggest inspirations are Emory Douglas and Barkley Hendricks. I'm also deeply inspired by Nina Chanel. In line with my other inspirations, her work is very graphic and bold, and it translates very well across different mediums.”

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“I have to be inspired to create anything. Sometimes, I have to hunt for it: through books, or going down a rabbit hole on the Internet, or even journaling. Then, it’s about figuring out what story I want to tell. Storytelling is the biggest element in all of my work; it drives what I'm creating. Finally, I’ll consider how I want to execute that story – which color palettes, what mediums, etc.”

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“Nothing moves without art and design. Literally everything on this earth is designed, from a car, to the roads, to the stoplights. So, I believe that art, while it may not be at the top of your mind every day, it is most definitely is a piece of your everyday life and is one of the most important factors within it.”

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“I believe my purpose is to inspire, and so with every single move that I make, I think about how I can pass the information and knowledge that I have to people who want to do something similar. And as I grow, I want to do that even more, and find ways to bring people into my world, explore their creativity, and not think of boundaries, ever.”

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From now through December 21, “Things I Imagined” by Laci Jordan, along with all other Art in Motion original works, will be up for auction at Proceeds from the winning bids will benefit Inner-City Arts, an LA-based arts education program that empowers the next generation of creators.
This is an extraordinary opportunity to own a piece of Bentley history and open doors for the next generation who will put ‘Art in Motion.’

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The new Bentayga is the embodiment of Bentley’s modern design language. From its bold, radically evolved exterior, to its exquisitely crafted cabin, the new Bentayga was designed to inspire extraordinary journeys – on the road, or in this case, on a canvas.

Grace and flow are what fascinated artist Laci Jordan upon her first experience with the new Bentayga. The lines present in the sculpted body design draw the eye effortlessly across the exterior of the luxury SUV, from the wide matrix grille to the split oval tail pipes.

It was this fluidity, this pure, bold essence of motion, that inspired Jordan’s Art in Motion original, ultimately combining that expression with the big, bold, colorful patterns that are intrinsic to her style.

Overall, the piece feels as though it is moving, but in a way that feels calm and composed. It is a tonality that manifested organically after Jordan’s experience with the Bentley Dynamic Ride active roll control system. “As I was driving the new Bentayga through the streets of Los Angeles, I felt totally relaxed. It was the smoothest ride I've ever experienced.”

Put Art in Motion and begin your own inspired journey in the new Bentayga.

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