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‘It’s a Living’ is not just a statement, but also a life philosophy for Ricardo Gonzalez, a graphic designer and lettering artist from Brooklyn, New York, by way of Durango, México. Creating conversation through the direct approach of typography, Gonzalez believes a word is an image; capable of inspiring us to question our daily living and produce a positive impact.

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“The piece that I'm creating is called ‘Light the Way.’My inspiration is based on the crystal-cut design of the elliptical headlamps on the new Bentayga; even when they are not illuminated, they continue to sparkle. I try to portray that level of detail and intrigue throughout my work.”

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“To me, lighting the way is a part of passing the knowledge through generations. I discovered my own artistic talent just by exploring it, but one of my biggest influences was Roger Excoffon - he’s a French typographer who is both a graphic designer and an artist, like me.”

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“When I create new work, it has to stem from a feeling. To me, is very important to start with what I feel. Only then can it translate to colors and style. What is it going to be like if it has drips or if I go with a more graphic style? So, it's kind of a process of what I feel when I'm trying to say, and then portray it to something that is interesting for the viewers."

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“I don't think art is a luxury. Art is a way of expressing yourself. When you paint, you feel something and there's a need to communicate. It's a necessity that we have as human beings, and how you can keep the relationship with other human beings. To me, that's the value of art.”

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“I hope to inspire other generations and to show them that they're able to do more than I can do. To me, is everything.”

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From now through December 21, “Light the Way” by It’s a Living, along with all other Art in Motion original works, will be up for auction at 32Auctions.com. Proceeds from the winning bids will benefit Inner-City Arts, an LA-based arts education program that empowers the next generation of creators.
This is an extraordinary opportunity to own a piece of Bentley history and open doors for the next generation who will put ‘Art in Motion.’

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The new Bentayga is the embodiment of Bentley’s modern design language. From its bold, radically evolved exterior, to its exquisitely crafted cabin, the new Bentayga was designed to inspire extraordinary journeys – on the road, or in this case, on a canvas.

In the design of the new Bentayga, ‘It’s A Living’ found both a correlation to his artistic aesthetic and inspiration for the content of his Art in Motion original. As his work is created with the purpose of generating messages positivity, the beauty and functionality of the new Bentayga’s headlamps were the ideal source of inspiration. Beyond their contribution to the luxury SUV’s stunning front end, the distinguished, crystal-cut design emits light from every angle, a feature the artist interpreted in his work as a message of creating brighter path forward. Articulated with the modern simplicity and thoughtfully crafted detail found in both the Bentley range and the portfolio of ‘It’s A Living,’ “Light the Way” brings the adventurous spirit of the new Bentayga to life in color and type.

Put Art in Motion and begin your own inspired journey in the new Bentayga.

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