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Art In Motion

In association with Secret Walls Studio in Downtown Los Angeles, Bentley Motors proudly presents Art in Motion – a series that celebrates the power of inspiration as it crosses generations.

Discover stories of three prolific young artists together with their journey from influence to the realization of their artistic creations, with each drawing inspiration from the new Bentayga.

These inimitable pieces were sold at auction, with proceeds from the winning bids benefitting Inner-City Arts, empowering our featured artists to leave their own legacy for the next generation of creators.

Using one’s own success to give rise to another. Sparking the imagination that lies quietly within the next generation. This is what it means to create and have a legacy, and to put ‘Art in Motion.’

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Laci Jordan is a multidisciplinary designer, illustrator, creative director and the true definition of a modern-day renaissance woman. A Los Angeleno by way of Huntsville, Alabama, Laci creates under the guiding conceptual theme of “Everyday Life.” Though slightly varied in aesthetic, object and palette, Laci’s work reflects her deep commitment to creating authentic and unapologetic portrayals of contemporary culture, the representation of marginalized people and the intersectionality that exists amongst all of these spheres.


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It’s a Living is Ricardo Gonzalez, a designer and artist from Durango, México, currently living in Brooklyn, NY. His signature script style can be easily recognized from large-scale murals to a sticker in the streets. The ambiguity in his typographical messages is meant to create a dialog between the viewer and the artwork, exploring a path that asks us to question our daily living and to produce a positive impact.


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Mikael B is a contemporary artist from just outside Copenhagen, now residing in Los Angeles. With a style that’s meant to be open to interpretation, he creates a universe in which anything can happen – juxtaposing and challenging historical art references from Baroque to Cubism, expressed in utterly contemporary fashion with spray paint. Mikael B has always had a desire use his art to make a difference, and for this reason, founded his own foundation in 2017, which works to support a number of organizations that provide aid to underprivileged youth and protecting the environment.


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Proceeds from the Art in Motion auction will go to Inner-City Arts, an LA-based arts education program that works to positively affect the lives of inner-city children, improving their chances to lead productive and successful lives by developing creativity, learning skills and self-confidence.

Its unique approach to arts education brings students, educators, families and the community to Inner-City Arts' award-winning campus - an oasis of creativity and learning in one of the nation's poorest neighborhoods - to work with professional teaching artists in well-equipped studios and performance spaces.


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In 2015, Bentley designers crafted a Grand Touring experience that was truly without boundaries. Five years later, its descendent, the new Bentley Bentayga, elevates the bar on the market created by its predecessor. But we are far from alone in our desire to open the door for what comes next.

The journeys we make are as unique as the ambitions that drive us. The new Bentayga has been reimagined to inspire exploration in its purest form.

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